Friday, February 11, 2011

Back in the saddle

It wasn't much. In fact, my Garmin didn't even track the mileage. (No idea why....) But I went out at 5AM for 32:19. It was below zero. My top eyelashes were sticking to my bottom eyelashes when I blinked. My thighs and butt were so cold I thought wondered about frost bite and how embarrassing it would be to show those parts to a medical professional. The shoulder of the road was treacherous whenever I had to venture onto it. (Five cars went by, so only 5 times, give or take.)

But, I'm happy and centered and almost (ALMOST) ready to face an overnight at the Museum of Science with Tommy and 9 million other little people. I'm sure stories (gripes?) will be plentiful. Stay tuned.

No long run on Saturday but Sunday... double digits or die! I may have to do conference call with God instead of church.

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