Friday, February 4, 2011

Good stuff on Tommy

Provided a quick, cute post about Elliott yesterday. Tommy has one due....

He's started trying to read chapter books. They are VERY simple (Polk Street School Kids.... if you have kids you might know them) and he can read almost all the words. But, because there are SO many words on a page compared to his usual books he gets pretty exhausted. So, I read most of the page and he reads the last paragraph or so. It is so awesome. He's a completely on-grade-level kid. Nothing spectacular but nothing alarming in the other direction either. The best part of all of it is the grin on his face as we are reading and when we have finished. He feels so proud and Big Kid about it. I wish I had a cross section of his brain to look at so I could watch all the connections being made. So amazing.

Also... saw his teacher this morning. She mentioned - completely unprompted and out of the blue - that his writing is quite impressive. (To be clear, the CONTENT of his writing... not his handwriting, which is pretty terrible). He can write in complete sentences which she says most of his peers cannot. I have posted previously about his strong language and his varied sentences so it's very nice to have someone independently confirm what I was thinking. Given that we had our biggest concerns about him as a toddler/preschooler regarding his receptive AND expressive language... well, it's just another big fat "PHEW"! about him.


  1. I put my Tommy comment in the wrong box. Check the Elliott posting. By the way, Hip Hip Hooray for Elliott too.

  2. Pretty soon, and he'll be writing plays! This is great!

  3. Meanwhile (as I giggle at 'The Miracle Birth of the Empire'...hmmm, I sense some really deep 'Jack Handy...ish' reflections happening over the implications of THAT chapter book), I'll leave a note for Tommy:

    WAY TO GO KIDDO!!! Woot, woot!! Handwriting is overrated. My handwriting is fine but I can't seem to put a coherent sentence together (for MY teacher that is) to earn a compliment like that!!! Grammar? Grammar schmammer! Outline FIRST?? sigh....

    Oh, and psyched to know you're starting to feel 'centered' Phoebe. The 'middle way' has its advantages! Be well.