Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here We Go 2011

My goal for 2010 was to be selfless. I haven't dared review the year to see where I fell on that scale. It was a good goal but I'm not sure I was any more giving of myself last year than I've ever been. While I liked a lot the idea of having a single-word resolution, I'm going to be more specific this year. Something about big ol' check marks next to goals is comforting.

So, in no particular order and almost-but-not-completely-off-the-top-of-my-head, My Goals for 2011:

Run at least 100 miles a month (1,200 for the year).
Run 6 road races.
Run at least 1 relay.
Run Boston for the experience... Just finish, be present and grateful.
Yoga 4x/week.
One fitness class series with actual humans.... zumba or similar

One turn-off-the-TV week per month.
Create doable chores for both boys.
Create allowance for both boys (based on chores).

Take at least one class toward personal training or similar certification.

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