Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy, positive post #5

I made it to 5 in a row! This is a good one... and the first of 2011!!

I managed to sneak home and visit my family over Christmas vacation. I say "sneak" because my mom didn't know I was coming. The boys and I headed out on 12/28 (supposed to go on 12/27 but the blizzard had other ideas). This visit was important because ALL my siblings (that's 8 of us in all) and nieces & nephews (that's 18) would be there. So, even though Scott had 4.5 gajillion things to do and had to stay home, the boys and I made the endless trek to Candor for a couple of days.

We had not a ton on the agenda, which was perfect. There was a party on the evening of the 28th. Not a huge crowd (all things being relative) but fun, of course. The boys spent hours and hours and, did I mention, HOURS sledding on Gungah's hill. It was amazing to watch Elliott because for the first outing he just watched everyone else. He was too scared to try it. The next time out Mom found him a cardboard box, which I guess made him feel more secure. He went in that a whole bunch of times and then graduated to the saucers, which were definitely his favorite. Tommy was a "pro" from the get go but did have a little trouble the second day... got up on the wrong side of the bed or something... and had to go inside away from the crowd.

At some point I have been promised a bunch of photos of all the wackiness that ensued (ahem, MOM!) and I'll post some here. It was a great couple of days of being with My People without having to worry about a wedding or a funeral or some other calamity. : )

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