Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter sports

Elliott starts Shaky Skates tonight. A bunch of 3- to 5-year-olds on ice. I am eager to witness this event. Oh, camera, be ready!

Tommy goes skiing at King Pine with his school tomorrow. I know he can get the boots on and can move in the skis. I wish I could be there to help him get ready and to watch his lesson and 'free ski' time. I have witnessed plenty of times that first day chaos and I am a little anxious how he will handle it. I need to remember that usually I don't have enough faith in him and his coping skills... He'll be fine.

These are sort of big events, though. I imagine a deep snow with no prints spoiling it. It's beautiful and begging to be played in. But those first steps are HARD and snow gets in your boots and sometimes your boot sticks in the snow and your foot comes out and then you're standing there on one foot with just a sock on the other... So you collapse and cry and wait for someone to come pick you up and bring you back to the house.

So tonight and tomorrow I send my kiddos out into a beautiful clean snow and hope they keep their boots on and manage to make themselves a good set of tracks to follow for next week. And the next...

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