Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy, positive post #4

I have something I'd really like to be doing today. But, there's this blizzard, see... and we have no power.... and the snow is coming down if fat flakes.... and there's over a foot right now.... and there'll probably be 4 or 6 more inches..... So we are home.

But this is still a happy, positive post because we have a generator. We have the pellet stove. We have plenty of leftovers. We (now) have bottled water and plenty of fuel for the gas grill, snow blower & generator... (Scott made the treacherous trip to town where they DO have power, lucky stiffs!). So, we are hunkered down for one more day. Thankful and lucky is the word of the day.

Tomorrow I will get to do the thing I really want to do... And it will lead to another happy, positive post, I'm sure!

(Also... yesterday I ran 12 miles and I didn't feel horrible afterward and I only had to pee in the woods once and I didn't even have to have a bowel movement until I got home which was, let's say, a real crap shoot given what I had consumed the day before.... so that's great news of a completely different nature and totally, I think, blog-worthy!!)

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