Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hurts so good

Thinking today about how I always feel best when I hurt a little. Weird.

So as not to sound masochistic, I'll clarify...

When I've got an ache in my calf or my hip's not quite happy, it's a pleasant reminder that I'm pushing my body just beyond my comfort zone. Does that mean I wouldn't love a full body massage to work all this stuff out? No, of course not. But the smalls creeks and eeks I feel are, to me, invisible badges of honor.

Yesterday I decided to run from our house to The Nick, a recreational area with a track and playground. I usual drive there with Elliott once a week for a workout with Megan and her 2-year-old, Max. (We throw the boys in my jogger and do 2 easy miles followed by an awesome strength training circuit I got from Run Like a Mother). Scott was home yesterday morning so I decided to get in a few (7) extra miles by running the hilly (well, what else have we got 'round here??) roads. I felt incredibly strong despite a poor nights sleep and really, not enough hydration the evening before. I usually walk/drink at about mile 3 and then every 20 minutes or so but yesterday I cruised through the whole 7 miles without feeling a bit like I needed a break. We then did our normal workout (okay, I skipped the 400M @ 5K pace that's supposed to break things up) and besides feeling tight from the miles before, I felt great!

I had to stretch the back and hips today big time but I really feel fantastic. Taking today as a recovery/rest day and then going to try and pound out a great distance run tomorrow. Woo hoo! Thanks Old Body, for still feeling good when you're feeling achy after all these years!

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