Friday, August 6, 2010

Alice Finale Dance

Tommy is WAY into dancing ever since Alice in Wonderland. He has sung and danced the finale number for me a couple of times and I have controlled the urge to ask him if I could videotape it. This morning he said, "Mom, I want to get caught on video doing something." Well, how could I resist? Unfortunately for some reason he didn't sing it out loud.... which adds about 27% to the cuteness factor. If you watch closely, though, you can see his lips moving to the words. Wednesdays this fall they are offering hip hop dance classes in Wolfeboro.... I think we will have a joiner.


  1. so stinkin' cute. AND, as a firm believer in holding high expectations for choreography, he does some tricky stuff in there and does it SO well! Bravo!!

  2. Bravo!!! So good.

    In fact, even though I would have liked to see him sing the song too, I don't feel like cuteness factor was reduced at all! This is super duper cute - I would say about 100% cute! If he HAD sung at the same time, though, that might have been increased to "bursting with cute," at 127%. Such a sweet video.

  3. The best part (besides the little squirt diggin' dance that is) was the look he had after the ever so aloof, "That's it." Did I detect a slight display of pride happening as he slyly walked off? Oh, and tell him that one of his blog readers thinks that Mom should have (with all of her stage experience that is) stressed the importance of 'set design' in video production. Star Wars (as any George Lucas fan would know) is NOT about dialogue!! ;-P