Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a week!

We reached the end of camp season officially on Monday afternoon. Tuesday we left for Cape Cod. The boys stayed with my in-laws Wednesday night so Scott & I could go out to Provincetown overnight. This was yet another part of our 10 year anniversary celebration.... We have had a few small-ish celebrations of that this summer.

It was a great getaway. I took some pretty funny pictures of the adventure which I posted with equally (I think) funny captions on Facebook. Check that out if you can because I know I'll never have the patience to get them all on here. I'll just take a couple to give you the flavor.

G.G. and Poppa's front yard.

Scott's mind is blown away at the Pilgrim Monument. He dislikes heights a lot!

My attempt to hold back the tide. No luck there.

Just before splitting a bottle of champagne on the beach at sunset. PERFECT!

We are back home and getting ready for the school year to begin again. Teachers go back on Tuesday and so that's when daycare revs up again. Looking forward to a new batch of kiddos and (hopefully) a great year!

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