Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where've I been?!

Went on camping for the first time with the kids. Didn't blog about it.
Took a couple of days away with Scott. Didn't blog about it.
The car died. Didn't blog about it.
Visited my family. Didn't blog about it.
Ran a very tough marathon. Didn't blog about it.

I feel like I ought to go back and report or reflect or whatever on that stuff because it was pretty awesome or at least memorable (car trouble). And then I realized I am better about "reflecting or whatever" on stuff I'm anticipating as opposed to stuff that's already happened. Or I've just been too busy enjoying the summer to stop and write.

Anyway, I'm focusing now a decision about my next "big" race. I'm running at 5.4 miler on July 24th with a friend. It will be pretty low key. Mostly, I'm thinking about the pros and cons of doing another marathon in just 10 weeks. It's in Rochester, NY.

Possibility of friends and family being there
Another crack at qualifying for Boston
Tough training will be over before school starts
Keeps me focused for the summer when it's so easy to just drift through things
Fourth time's the charm?

Not really sure I could qualify running that distance again so quickly
Going to NY for a wedding over Labor Day... that's a lot of traveling
Commitments to Village Players fall show
Sometimes I think about it and it makes me tired

So, with the wise counsel of my friend Megan to guide me, I've decided I'm going to do my 15 mile run and Saturday and then see how I feel after that.


  1. Hi Phoebe - I have missed you, but I TOTALLY get where you are at. I find it much easier to write about things I am thinking about for future, or little projects I am in the middle of, rather than writing about big things that have already happened!

    In fact (to make you feel better), a couple of months ago, I went to visit two of my college roommates who were in Seattle for the weekend. We had such a wonderful trip, and it was amazing to catch up with them, and I really wanted to write about it, but.... It felt like a big topic, and too important to put into a quick post, and so I got home and wrote about - what else? - making cookies.

    I am going to go (maybe) do some sewing now. And you'll never know if I actually did it, because I will (likely) never blog about it. Hehe.

    I love reading your blog, and I find your level of activity very inspiring. You rock it, Phoebe! -H

  2. Thanks, Hope! Glad to know I'm not the only one that has good intentions but falls short sometimes! I think I'm going to get into a better rhythm with the summer and do some more writing. Now. Maybe....