Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swatting bugs/swatting buds

Long, very sweaty, very mountainous run this morning which was made almost unbearable due to the bugs that loved me. I was swatting them like a mad woman and probably looked like a person with serious seizures. Then it occurred to me:

My trying to control my impulse to slap at those flies is probably the same as Tommy trying to control his impulse to slap people who he feels are bugging him.



    (Ooooo, hey, also, when you have more than 5 minutes--point and click through Psychology Today online. Some great online articles that might give your overactive mine more things to chew on too!! Here was one I was reading on 'Bullies': ). Have a good weekend Phoebe!

  2. MIND...ugh, mind, not mine. Ugh.

  3. Chris! That video is great. Next time those black flies or whatever they are go bouncing off my head and biting me in the middle of my back I will just imagine them as flower petals. Yeah, right! Now... I like that clip for the humor and the message but I LOVE that clip for the incredible body on the Dude. Wonder if I can get my husband to walk around with a sword like that. Eh... probably not the same...

    Thanks for your thoughts. Will check out the Psych site now.