Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(Not) alarmed

I forgot to turn on the alarm. I missed my 4 mile run. I don't know how I'm going to make it up. I could do the elliptical tonight (it's totally Cats & Dogs outside) but I have to do 7 tomorrow morning which may not go well. I guess I could do 4 tomorrow, 7 Thursday and 4 Friday (which is a rest day)... But I have to do 14 on Saturday (I think it's 14, haven't looked that far ahead yet).... Ugh. I SO dislike when I screw up my running schedule. I am thinking maybe I'll do 30 minutes easy on the Elliptical tonight and then get back on schedule with 7 tomorrow. Assuming the roads are not rivers.

And on the incompetent mother side...

Keeping a log on Tommy and what he eats and how he sleeps and how he behaves. If it's at all revealing I may post it. He's such a Jekyll and Hyde. I wish I knew how to help him stay happy. Why why why does he get so angry over the smallest things? Linked to feeling like a failure or "loser" I think. Where does that come from? The Mommy Fail button is gigantic and easily pushed today.


  1. Chin up! You could be home with me and 8 kids for the second rainy day in a row....I don't think they will stay dry much longer!

  2. PS Update us on the food log. I know I should do this but have never dug in and just done it.

  3. Re: Food log. We took him to Dr. Clark (naturopathic) in Wolfeboro last spring. Found out he was allergic to eggs and peanuts. Both caused really erratic (i.e. naughty) behavior. I have also recently concluded that instant oatmeal (the flavored kind) and Clariton seem to set him off. If you have behavior frustrations I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Clark - though it is very expensive and he doesn't take insurance....