Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tommy log

Monday - (General thoughts... did not log hour by hour) Had a great day. Very pleasant and kind. No Kyle & Kolby today. Did NOT freak out that he didn't have a show & tell item. Said "I just told them that I go to church on Sunday." Has a cold. Lots of boogers. Slept from about 7:30PM - 6:15AM.

Breakfast: Mini whole wheat bagel w/ cream cheese. Milk

Very pleasant & funny.

7:50: K&K arrive. Wanted to lead them in Jedi training. Kyle came in smiling but not interested and became very clinging to his mother. I told T to back off.

8:30 - Freak out of Easter egg hunt. Hot & Cold. Looking for slight & insults. Bossy. Then suddenly cooperative. Got along w/ Kyle when they were teasing Kolby & Elliott together. Likes to be "it" (egg hider) and refuses to be a "searcher". Thinks of ways to avoid "losing" and when that can't be avoided he gets MAD!

9AM - Hit Kolby because Kolby almost threw a bean bag chair at him. He apologized to Kolby.

9:02 - Hit Kyle b/c Kyle joked w/ him about pushing Tommy off the "pirate ship." (They had been joking about pushing the other 2 off). Sent him to his room.

9:15 - I finally let go in private w/ Tommy. Cried and told him how sad it made me he was so angry and made bad choices like hitting so frequently. He said "I don't care."

9:25 - Gave him a banana and milk in his room for snack. Away from other kids. When I came upstairs from snack he was out of his room and watching Sesame Street. Back to his room where he finished his banana and we talked about earning Legos by making a chart for his behavior. He said "no, I'll just get some for my birthday." He was calm and then sprung from prison.

10:00 - Printed Star Wars ships. There were 3 on the page. He colored, cut out and taped them to Popsicle sticks. Gave 1 to Kyle and 1 to Kolby. I thanked him for being generous in front of boys. Went to him privately later and told him how wonderful I thought it was that he shared the ships with the boys.

10:10 - Kyle & Tommy pushing each other to be the first one up the stairs. Spoke to both about it. I was very stern.

10:11 - Tommy standing on arm of couch after 3 previous warnings. I YELLED and left the room.

10:30 - T & Kyle playing happily. Both "picking" on me.

11:15 - Mac & Cheese, corn, peas, sliced turkey, milk
 @ lunch. Tommy: "I love this day...." He was (mis)quoting one of his favorite books but COME ON!

11:41 - Clean up for Kindergarten drop off. Tommy frustrated b/c Kyles was not helping. I was unable to mediate b/c I had to get things together downstairs  for Kindergarten and library. Removed Tommy to downstairs so he wouldn't revert to hitting. T pissed.

11:50 - At LAST off to Kindergarten drop off.

WHAT'S THE DEAL??? Anyone wanna solve my problem?


  1. Solve? See, you do comedy!

    Phoebe, I feel ya. True, I don't own any tykes that age so there are no manuals laying around this house but I did marry a 'Tommy'. In fact, if you'd like I'll send you a picture of his Star Wars shrine. Oh yeah, a 38 year old 'Tommy'.

    What I can share about my 'Tommy' is this--when I sent him to time out he didn't lament, he plotted. And, ultimately acted out in inappropriate ways much like your little padawans. And what I find strikingly similar is that even to this age his apologies are insincere because, quite honestly, answering to the Jedi counsel is not the same as answering to the Stormtrooper they just struck down. Accountability starts with the offended.

    However, that being said, if you stare at a dog long enough even they're going to piddle on the floor 'cause they're wondering why you're staring at them all the time. You most certainly have your hands full over there so, girl, please don't think anybody trying to tell you how to do your job, K? But, I'm curious, you seem to have an age range...even between your two and I'm wondering if you're expectations of Tommy are fair considering you probably want him to set the example for the others yet he may feel cheated for the amount of maturity you're asking if he's not treated like the oldest. Thereby taking it out on Yoda...aka you. Maybe a 'deal' where he starts to feel like the big kid with privileges on the DL? O.K. buzzing off now...but I just had to write ya 'cause you seem to be pleading!! [Just remember, just like your dear loving husband, those little shits know you better than anyone else 'cause they're paying attention from day one. They're gonna know exactly what buttons to push as if they were programming the VCR, which most of 'em know how to do as well am I wrong?]

  2. On a track worth following:
    Nugget from much therapy.....

    Regression to the mean.

    It happens.

  3. Thank you both for your insight! It's a wild ride....