Saturday, February 6, 2010

Martin Luther King... again!

The setting: McDonald's, Alton, NH. Friday night. 5:45PM

The players: Tommy (age 5), Elliott (age 3), Mommy (age not important), about 15 or 18 other McDonald's patrons.

Tommy is happily enjoying his Happy Meal (fittingly so). He suddenly inhales a small gasp, as if realizing something important. He glances quickly around his surroundings and then....

"Let me see..... Nope. No black people here. We must have those old rules back again from before Martin Luther King."

I almost died. I explained that I know he was just making an observation but some people wouldn't understand that and this is the kind of thing we talk about privately. Oh, I am handling this so BADLY! How can I teach him that just because there aren't many different shades in New Hampshire we are not living in the Jim Crow south????

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  1. Well, take heart. We have the same conversations from the other side of the fence. My children are often the only shady kids in the room.......