Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Doobie Files #2

Okay, I get it, God! Thanks for the opportunities....

I'm getting involved in the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in our area. I'll be trying to secure facilities for some events at the Village Players' theater. They are looking for musicians and other performers as part of the celebration so it may be something else the Village Players would be interested in doing. I've also agreed to help out with a pageant of sorts at our church in celebration of the event. Cosmically cool about this is that just on Sunday (the day I officially became a vestry member) I was saying to our Sunday School coordinator that it's too bad we don't have a Christmas-pageant equivalent for Easter, as that would get kids and parents back to church for that time of year.

So, ta da! Here we are. I'm listening so let me know what else I'm supposed to be doing.....

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  1. How about doing a Palm Sunday parade...we use the Christmas Pageant costumes, borrow the miniture donkey, "George", from the Iron Kettle Farm, and "Hallelujah" up and down in front of the church. This year we are expanding and inviting all the churches in town. Palm brances waving high and low as "Jesus" leads "George".