Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The patients, three

Patient #1 - Dad. 

No news here, really, but an alarming visual. It looks faked, but it's all too real.

Patient #2  - Mom

She made it home last night around 8pm. My brother, Kwasi, came to the house to help get her stuff unloaded. He also informed her that he would be coming up in the morning to take her to Urgent Care. Good thing! While the doc said she clearly had no broken bones, the bleeding in her arm had continued unabated. That type of wound did not allow for stitches or tape or glue or any of the methods I have ever heard of. Instead, she had to have it.... cauterized. Yes. Cauterized!!!! Gaaaaah! She can take the bandages off in a couple of days and hopefully, it will be done bleeding.

Patient #3 - Me

Some progress today:

1. I drove the car
2. I have no pain in my knee when weight bearing, so I was able to ditch the crutches for a good chunk of the day, which meant....
3. I was able to make dinner and have it ready when Scott and the boys got home. (This is HUGE! I love be catered to every so often but watching Scott & my mom do evvvverything for so long was really hard.)
4. My quad is tired. This is great because it means it is getting worked.
5. PT tomorrow, follow up w surgeon on Friday and, probably, back to work on Monday.

Here's hoping for no more excitement for anyone in my circle for a long time! Well, I'd take a couple million from the lottery or something, but you get the idea!

A rare post from my mobile device... Wonder how it will look?

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