Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hope springs... (if she remembers to RICE!)

I'm going to talk about this later in the post, but I don't want the NEXT picture to be the one that pops up on FB when I share this link. It will get me flagged for sure!

Raise your hand if you felt a deep emptiness in your soul yesterday because you didn't get to see a horrifying picture of an injured body part? Specifically, an injured body part belonging to one of my dear parents, Hope & Richard?.... Well, good news, cuz here's what my Mom's ankle - you know, the one that wasn't too bad after her second fall? - looked like this  morning.

Am I wrong, or does this look like the ankle of Jabba the Hutt?
Because it didn't truly hurt and merely felt "bruise-y" (a term I use a lot with my knee, actually) Mom didn't see any reason to attend to her injured ankle yesterday. So, she went about her business. And this is what she woke up to today. I just spoke to her on the phone and she has found that "Flav-o-Ice" tubes make for really good ankle icing. It wouldn't be my first choice, but whatever gets her to sit the heck down and put her foot up sounds good to me. More alarming? She says it looks WORSE tonight than this morning. I am I still say she needs to get back to the doctor, but shouting from 400 miles away has not gotten me very far.

Anyway, all of this leaves me wondering if we should remove the welcome mats to our house and replace them with caution tape?

For me, today was a good day. The boys got picked up for school and day care so I had a chance to:

1. Go to PT and stay a little longer for the torturous/very good for me electrical stim on my quad. Adding a couple of new exercises to my list each time I go in, so it's hopeful.

2. Come home and clean up the house a bit ANNDDDD... watch the last 1/2 of When Harry Met Sally. (This is one of those that always reminds of me crazy late weekend nights watching TV in high school. It seemed to always be on.... Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal seemed SO OLD in it then. Siiiggghhhh.....)

3. Read read read some great books that my co-workers have sent home to amuse me.
I would NEVER have picked up this book on my own. WAY too creepy looking. But I am HOOKED... though I would be very cautious about which kids I recommend it to because it's pretty scary.  It's mostly novel-ish with swaths of graphic novel tossed in as a pivotal plot device. 
4. Ice, stretch, strengthen, take a nap, and clean the kitchen.... 

Can't decide if it's cool or sad that I feel like that may have been the perfect day.

I was delighted and touched when Scott got home from work with a package for me. It was from a friend /former co-worker and accompanied by a lovely, kind note. I have always loved the "Life is Good" line of clothing and gear, so this shirt is PERFECT.
The Blogger program is making me BONKERS because it won't let me turn this right-side-up! (Though I've done so in the past..)  But, you can see how sweet and perfect this shirt is. Great color, too. Thanks, Anika!

Lastly for today, and I can't believe I have neglected to post this before now.... Here is the calendar/wall of recovery that Scott created for me the evening of my surgery. It marks the days until the Boston Marathon 2015. He has an idea that my comeback will be complete at that time.

We've lived in this house almost nine years and never gotten around to painting our bedroom..... Looks like we will be holding off on that task at least until April 2015!

Days crossed off, milestones noted, alarming pictures of the inside of my right leg.... Pretty much exactly what you have on the wall of your bedroom, no doubt.

Just when you think your husband has run out of ways to surprise you. I definitely did NOT see this coming. Gotta love the supportive spouses of this world!

Off to see my surgeon tomorrow and, no doubt, get cleared for work starting Monday. This has been one helluva "vacation"!

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