Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pay it 40ward in Action: Mile 12. (Oh, yeah. And that surgery-thing today.)

Today's the big day. I go into the surgery center at 12:30PM for my ACL (and possible MCL) repair. The boys are at school. Gabe is at daycare. It's 9:51AM. And I.AM.HUNGRY!

You probably know that I am a gal who does NOT miss a meal. Or a snack. Or any opportunity to eat, really.

So given that it's 9:51AM and I have not had anything to eat since about 7:30 last night... (It was ice cream. Delicious, scrumptious, creamy, calorie-full, life-giving ICE CREAM!)... I am HUNGRY. I don't wear hungry well.

But, it's all for the good. I can't believe how much I am capable of totally dreading and totally looking forward to getting this thing done. It's going to be a really ugly couple of days. There's no getting around it.

Enough about ice cream and cake and french toast and lasagna and avocados. (I am killing me).

Today I share my Mile 12 teammate's report. I think you will chuckle and perhaps notice a family resemblance in Meghan's sense of humor.

Greetings and Happy 40 and Fabulous Birthday!!

I regret that my report is overdue, but that is true to form with me. I actually completed my Pay It 40-ward assignment about a month ago now. Whew, where did that time go?! I spent many hours contemplating what I could do that would make a proper difference for the grand scheme that you put into action. I shared a video on Facebook a couple of months ago (darned if I can find it now!) that depicted a couple of guys saying "This should be the next big craze". The video went on to show them giving to the homeless - food, clothes, shoes, etc. So in that light, I started scouring the stores for items for a week or two, particularly hats and warm clothes going on clearance that would help me get more bang for my bucks. I can't even begin to tell you how many people that I shared your Pay It 40-ward information with!! And everyone that I talked to agreed on two things; 1) you're crazy and 2) you're a genius!! The order of the opinions varied, but I think they both apply pretty equally. Anyway, I gathered 20 knit hats, some gloves, socks, sweatpants, insulated shirts, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Kleenex and razors. No, I couldn't make your initial $5 go quite that far, but once you start "running" with an idea like this, it's sort of hard to stop. I took the donation to The Open Door Mission here in Rochester. Considering the weather that we have been continuing to get, I'm sure that my donations were put to good use. Thank you so much for your fabulous idea, dedication and endless inspiration!! Teagan and I are already planning to make more donations in the future.

The scene of Meghan's 40-ward love!

 Oh, almost forgot, Teagan was nice enough to join me tonight when I went out to put on my "Miles for Phoebe". We walked about 4.5 miles, so 9 between the two of us. She thinks I'm crazy now because I kept waving at all of the cars coming at us. It's okay, I am, maybe a little. It's in the genes. We had a great time, and I'm sure you would have been waving right along with me!! Thank you for being the fabulous genius that created Pay It 40-ward, and helped me make a difference and some awesome memories with my daughter!! ♥♥
Genetically disposed to outlandish friendliness!

Love, Meghan

Thanks so much, Meghan, for braving the elements and for giving to such a worthy cause! And, oh yeah, I still haven't added up all the miles people ran for  me. It's a lot. Like, a METRIC LOT of miles. 

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