Friday, March 21, 2014

An overdue "yay!" and some post-op

Surgery is behind me now. I am also slowly coming out of the fog of pain and pain meds that accompanied it. At some point I hope to offer a post giving the nitty gritty of the surgery, but I realized that I never posted this message from my friend, Beth, regarding Pay it 40-ward. While she was not an official teammate, her husband, Tom, was. Here's her FB message to me from last week:

I just wanted to tell you that your pay it 40ward campaign inspired me. We did a training at work where they pay out $1 for correct answers. Our table collected $7. Instead of pooling to buy lottery tickets, we are asking people to match our $7 and at Easter, we will donate the $ to St. Jude. Our goal is 2 people a day or around $600.

It's always wonderful to hear about good causes getting more support... and even more wonderful to think I may have had a part in it. Thank you, Beth!

I'm pretty much out of gas and need to get back on my fancy knee cooler machine, but... just revealed this morning, here's my knee. Kinda gross,huh? Sorry.
Where does the quad muscle go during a knee operation? No one knows..... 

Hospital equipment galore. 

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