Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pay it 40-ward in Action: Mile 40

Last Monday I had a great surprise in my email inbox. Take a look at my (slightly edited for context) version:

My name is Michaela and I work with Tom (Mile 40) in our company's Portsmouth office and I live in Northwood, NH.  I was going through some paperwork the other day and noticed this folded note and opened it and inside is your letter and a $5 bill. (Remember the mass mailings I did a couple of months ago?)  My first thought was, “where the heck did this come from?” and then I realized that it was with some papers that Tom handed to me. J (sneaky bugger!) So, after checking out your site I have to say that I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  I did a similar thing through Facebook at the New Year and I am so in with YOUR idea as well. I am simply going to take the $5 that Tom gave to me and I will pay it forward with that. 

Good luck with the run…I give you kudos. It is cold and nasty in our part of the country right now and that’s an insane amount of miles to run, but love the meaning behind it. J

So, my Mile 40 pal paid it 40-ward and created yet ANOTHER mile in my journey! That brings me up to FORTY-FIVE teammates. (Please remember the fine print. I am NOT NOT NOT running 45 miles. I love the lovin' I get beyond 40 teammates but I am sticking with the 40 mile plan.) Tom, you may recall, is the proud Papa to some very sweet twinbies, Skylar and Mitchell. Extremely edible!

It's not stealing if you steal pics from Facebook, right?
Thanks, Tom! And welcome aboard, Michaela!

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