Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mile 4: Pay It 40-ward Idea in Action

I've had some great ideas from my Teammates piling up in my in box. My laptop has been out of my hands for a couple of weeks in order for the screen to get fixed so getting the blogs up is tricky. I am determined to at least share some of the great ideas tonight! If I am very clever I will share one, write up the others and then set them to post in the coming days. But only until 9PM when Downton Abbey returns!

Bethany, Mile 4, happens to be a classmate of mine from elementary - high school. Thus, she is also at the start of a new decade. In the last couple of years she has made some pretty amazing life changes and has moved to Philadelphia and really advanced her career as a chef. Cheesecakes (not steaks, despite her geographic location) are her specialty! She decided to spend some time around her 40th paying it 40-ward by buying pizza for some homeless folks in her area. (I guess pizza makes a lot more sense than fancy flavored cheesecake when you are trying to feed hungry people!)

Here are her pics and comments:

David, May 26; Maurice, June 1; and Derek, September 19

Rob July 30, 1947

Where they live
Someone commented on these pics about the wonderful treat she brought them and Bethany's response was:

 I am pretty sure the treat was all mine ... I have never felt more appreciated in life ... And it touched my daughters heart also ...

This right here? TOTALLY what I had in mind when I came up with the idea for Pay it 40-ward. Thank you, Bethany, for helping me feel like I am not completely bonkers with this idea!!

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