Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mile 29 + a musical scheme

First, an oops to be addressed:

In my post featuring the grand idea of my mile 8 teammate, Catherine, I failed to mention that her husband, Jonathan, was in on the Pay It 40-Ward idea, too. To Jonathan, whom I have never met but automatically scores as "stellar" in my book based on his choice of life partner, I send my apologies for the oversight. I am humbled that you and Catherine were able to wrangle such a large crowd of friends to be part of this project. Thank you!

Second, my latest idea:

Mostly I run listening to podcasts. Another Mother Runner, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, This American Life, Slate Political Gabfest, Slate Culture Gabfest, The Politcal Junkie, Radiolab, How to Do Everything, Frontline, Pop Culture Happy Hour... I love 'em all. Some of them make me feel like I'm getting smarter. Some of them make me feel like I'm chatting with friends. Some of them make me laugh out loud to myself like a crazy person. And... some of them do all of those things!

On my 20-miler today, at about mile 15, I ran out of podcasts. Dun-dun-duuunnnnn! It was not that horrible, as I do have some music on my phone. I'm just the worst about adding new songs. In fact, all the music I have on it right now is the playlist from my October marathon.

And now, some seemingly unrelated background that will make sense in a minute... One of the things I have been trying to work out as I run lately is how I can pay some kind of tribute to my teammates on the day of the run. I had visions of placing placards on the side of the road at each mile marker with the person's picture on them. As I run by I could pick it up and have my picture taken with that individual. (Still a possibility, but quite an undertaking logistically-speaking!)

Today as I was hitting mile 19.5 and listening to my now-old music, Bruce Springsteen came on and reminded me that he, too, was "Born to Run". Bruce happens to be theeeeeee favorite performer of Kim, a mother runner and my mile 21 Teammate. I immediately grinned, thought of Kim and had a Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Bruce and his awesome sense of humor. Anyone who's willing to have fun with Jimmy Fallon is OK by me!

I would like each of my teammates to pick a song for my 40-mile run playlist! I know, this is giving MORE homework to my already giving pals, but I think it will be easy. And, knowing who my team consists of, I imagine there will be a fairly eclectic mix of choices. (I'm thinking my Dad will go Verdi... or maybe Gilbert and Sullivan!)

I think it will be very cool to have my team's music inspiring me on March 15. I hope everyone has a chance to make a recommendation. It doesn't have to be 'the perfect running song' either. I just has to be a song you like. I will think of you as it plays and know that you took a chance on me and that I can get through this!

If there is a teammate out there who says, "Ya know, I have already commited to coming up with a great idea for Phoebe. I have already commited to fullfilling my plan and sending her a write up about it. I have already read her zillions of blog posts,  but I just wish I could do MORE." Well, here ya go! I would love someone to please put the playlist together for me. I would get the songs from the team, forward them to you, and then you would get it in playlist and send it to me on CD. Hopefully (and I know this is asking a lot) in order from Mile 1 to Mile 40. My fabulous spouse has already told me he'd be happy to do it, but I want to throw this out there in case someone else is interested. (Let's face it, Scott is doing PLENTY in this effort and I'd like to ease the burden on him if I can.)

In a dream world, I would create copies of the playlist for all my teammates, too, so we can all enjoy the music chosen by the Pay It 40ward team. But that may be another task to be assigned.....

Thanks, team and everyone else who's pulling for  me on this. I truly do feel inspired by your efforts and ideas. My 4AM alarm has been much less horrfying because of you. I can do this. WE can do this....

Happy long weekend and happy rest day tomorrow to MEEEE! Zzzzzzzz......


  1. For Good from Wicked
    Firework by Katy Perry

  2. Roar - Katy Perry (loved it during Reach the Beach!)

  3. I start every race with Metallica's 'Fuel' :) I also opt for more of the tecno, dance beet songs and one of my favs is Bangarang by Skrillex (yes well aware you have never heard of this :)