Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I woke up on Sunday morning to a very pleasant and surprising email. Yet another former teammate from high school track (and volleyball, actually!) signed on to be part of Pay It 40-ward. She brought me to mile 35 and inspired me to do one final push to finish this part of the project. Which leads me to Sunday afternoon....

There's a lot of things a person can say about Facebook. (You're thinking, "Duh. Don't get me started!" I know, I know...) But on Sunday, Facebook was a Pay It 40-ward miracle hatchery! I simply posted my link and "Just 5 miles to go" and within minutes I had 4 more teammates/miles. Heartfelt thanks go to my latest teammates:

35. B - Chantilly, VA
36. Diane - Sandwich, NH
37. Dede - Niskayuna, NY
38. Andrea - Ctr Ossipee, NH
39. Grace - Meredith, NH

So, yes. That leaves us with ONE MORE MILE to go. Now, I have a friend who posted on FB "Did I sign up for this?" and he had, in fact, NOT as of yet. But this friend has new-ish born twins at his house so I am temporarily reserving mile 40 for him, in case he wants it.

That being said, YOU should still sign up for Pay It 40ward. If you are mile 41 or beyond, you will still get all of the good karma from me and the Universe. The only thing you won't get is $5 from me. (And from what I've gathered, that $5 is rather a sticky wicket so maybe you'll be happier not getting it!)

As promised and at long last, here is the very FIRST Pay It 40-ward project in action. My sister, Heather's:

As you can see, she put together a basket of items for a silent auction (or maybe it was a raffle... my memory does not serve). The colorful stubs in the front are scratch off tickets she bought for $5. (Not MY $5, because she was on a deadline and I am a deadbeat...) She printed out a page from the website so people could get the idea of the project. And... well, I don't know what happened next. I will find out.

That is going to be my favorite part of this, I think. I can't wait to hear what you do. I hope you will take pictures or at least mental notes of the occassion. Sharing these with eachother and the Interweb Community will build together is going to be pretty darn cool. 

Next time I post I want to talk about what to do if you want to run part (or all!) of the run with me. The more the merrier, I say, but there are pesky logistics to iron out. Stay tuned!!

P.S. It's my mom's birthday. She is Hope and she is hope. So, if nothing else, we've all got HOPE. 

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