Monday, December 9, 2013

A great idea, getting started, and oh, the miles!

The plans and training for Pay It 40-ward are marching on, even as the days grow darker and colder and the holiday mania  insanity joy fills the air around us. 

Here's a great idea from Anne, our Mile 9 Teammate. She has come up with a creative plan for Paying It 40-ward. If you are keen on getting something started and you are crafty, this might be a good suggestion for you, too!

... Thought you’d like to know what my pay-it-40ward project is, as I have already started on it and purchased last night the rest of the materials. Making mittens and hats for the church hat-mitten tree (for men, women and children) or other homeless shelter project in town. I used some yarn I had around to start, and have already completed ½ of a woman’s mitten. Purchased some more yarn and an additional needle size for other mittens and the hats last night. Office Manager Michelle thinks it’s a cool idea and is donating some yarn scraps she has around to me for this as well....

Thanks for the inspiration, Anne! If you have a plan in place or in action, please email me so I can share your ideas with everyone. THANKS!

Meanwhile, I have writing up the envelopes and notes that will go to my team members. I could theoretically send a good chunk of them out now but I feel like I want to have a ceremonial 'dump' into the USPS mailbox when they are all ready. (So, now you know what mind-blowingly-awesome tasks I have been up to while watching TV at night.) In true Phoebe Fashion, I am using what I have around the house in order to keep the financial burden of this project focused on the money going to Team Members. In other words, don't get excited that you'll be receiving some gorgeous piece of parchment with dazzling caligraphy!
Yes, the name of the wine is "Mad Housewife. And yes, I can't promise you that everything will be spelled correctly on or in your envelope.

And training. That's actually going really well. I survived my first 'no rest day' weekend. I did 14 on Saturday and 5.5 on Sunday. Saturday's run was tough. Not "I can't do this" tough but more "crap, this is hard" tough. I went out at 6:30 (not too early for me but it still felt ungodly and dark). I have weird blisters on new places on my feet. The running trail I come upon at mile 5 (former railroad track and blessedly flat) that normally is a huge relief was not-so-fun nor fast because there was a thin layer of snow on it which made it just slick enough to stress me out and work weird muscles in my lower legs that I don't normally use. Plus, I just plain missed my BRF (best running friend) since last year at this time we were running together every weekend. Sunday I did yoga for runners early and I ran in the afternoon. I decided to explore a few trails near my house. I got lost. Not "OH GOD, I'M LOST"-lost, just, "huh, I'm not sure where this is going to dump me out"-lost. It was pleasant and slow and .5 miles longer than I intended. 

On the mileage front, I am getting up toward the 40/week mark which is pretty daunting mentally. (Especially when I think about the fact that I'll be up to 50 at the peak of training. ZOINKS!) I just keep thinking "at least I don't need to worry about pace". So there's that! 

Finally, I now have FORTY-ONE team members! Woo hoo! Our dear college pal, Tom, and Elizabeth, one of my Twitter followers from Holderness, NH got on board to be miles 40 and 41. If you are still hoping to be part of the fun and haven't been in touch yet, don't worry! There's always room for more Pay It 40-ward friends! Just shoot me an email and I'll be sure you get all the info you need.

Off to address more envelopes and set my alarm for 4:40. Six miles before 6:00AM tomorrow. WOO HOO! 

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