Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pay It 40-ward: GO BIG (if you wanna!)

I am starting to rack up the miles for Pay it 40-ward! Thank you so much to my latest Team Members who have brought the grand total to 25 Miles. Just 15 to go before this part of the mission will be accomplished! We now have 8 states represented. 

    1. Kathleen - Ctr. Harbor, NH
    2. Kerry - VT
    3. Megan - Rochester, NH
    4. Bethany - Philadelphia, PA
    5. Hope - Candor, NY
    6. Richard - Candor, NY
    7. Sandra - Milford, NH
    8. Catherine - Kenosha, WI
    9. Anne - Sandwich, NH
    10. Mandy - Wolfeboro, NH
    11. Mandy - Barnstead, NH
    12. Meghan - Rochester, NY
    13. Teagan - Rochester, NY
    14. Al - Zion, IL
    15. Karen - Concord, NH
    16. Anika - Tuftonboro, NH
    17. Heidi - Ambler, PA
    18. Heather - Liverpool, NY
    19. Tammy - Triangle, VA
    20. Lauren - VT
    21. Kim - Candor, NY
    22. Cindy - Ithaca, NY
    23. Heather - Tuftonboro, NH
    24. Carol - Sandwich, NH
    25. Jim - Sandwich, NH

My last post feels like it was ages ago, and I apologize for the gap in communication. This week has been nuts at our house on several fronts. A committee I am on for my church is at the finals stages of finding and calling a new rector to serve. (Read: many long, important meetings. A happy and ultimately rewarding situation, of course, but ZOINKS!, a working mama's logistical nightmare!) In addition, it's Tech Week (aka Hell Week) for Fiddler on the Roof, which I am not in but which my 7-year-old IS in. And DARN if he can't drive himself, do his own makeup and wrangle himself on stage when he needs to be there. There has been a seriously bad sleep:activity ratio around here. I got permission for my little Anatevkin to miss the final dress rehearsal tonight with the understanding by all involved that an 8PM bedtime instead of an 8PM curtain time would improve all of our lives immensely. 

So, I am home tonight and I had to share the texts I got from my sister after my last post. She is one who had not, in fact, signed on for the project previously. I am going to share the screen shots of her texts to me because they are (unintentionally) hilarious... and tell of her grand idea: 

(pardon the odd repetition of some of the text in the different shots... I am not sure how to improve my aim in screen shots...)

So, in case that wasn't clear, she is going to use the money I send to buy scratch off tickets that will go into a raffle basket she is putting together as part of a church fundraiser. She will attach information on this project to the basket and she hopes that if the scratchers lead to a payoff for the winner of the basket, they will use the money to Pay It 40-ward, too. Isn't she clever!?! (Takes after her baby sister, I think.)

Here's are some excerpts of an email from another Team Member who hasn't quite settled on how she wants Pay it 40-Ward:

Originally I was thinking of something anti-ivory. I am pretty passionate about keeping elephants and rhinos alive... It just seems like a huge, almost unsolvable problem. Me versus a poacher or "[Team Member] Takes on the Ivory Black Market Trade". That would be funny.... Maybe I will promote awareness about bats (they are pretty neat animals that deserve our attention) and how they are important in the ecosystem... that, or bees.  Round Up kills bees....

As you can see, this Pay It 40-Ward participant is putting in a good deal of thought to her plan as well. I love the stream of consciousness you can hear in her writing of this message. Good on ya!

Keep in mind, your ideas don't need to be nearly that much work. You can think of tons, I'm sure, but here are the ones that I have come up with. If you already have something in mind, please shoot me the info in an email (or a hilariously fat-fingered text!) so I can pass it along to others. 

Thank you again for your support on this adventure. Real, varsity training to get these old bones through 40  miles starts in earnest next week, so there will be many-a groaning, sore post starting then, I'm sure! 

Please, let me know if you have any questions and join in, why doncha!? Email me to get on board. 

P.S. Several people have said they have tried to leave comments on the blog and have been unsuccessful in the process. I am working on that, but meanwhile, if you have a comment, include it in an email and I will share it on the blog. 

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