Sunday, November 3, 2013

"But I don't want your $5" edition....

I am happy to report that I am up to 17 miles on my journey, which of course translates to 17 Teammates. Welcome Anika and Heidi! Remember, there's always room for more. Toss me an email if you want to join in!

  1. Kathleen - Ctr. Harbor, NH
  2. Kerry - VT
  3. Megan - Rochester, NH
  4. Bethany - Philadelphia, PA
  5. Hope - Candor, NY
  6. Richard - Candor, NY
  7. Sandra - Milford, NH
  8. Catherine - Kenosha, WI
  9. Anne - Sandwich, NH
  10. Mandy - Wolfeboro, NH
  11. Mandy - Barnstead, NH
  12. Meghan - Rochester, NY
  13. Teagan - Rochester, NY
  14. Al - Zion, IL
  15. Karen - Concord, NH
  16. Anika - Tuftonboro, NH
  17. Heidi, Ambler, PA
This gets us to team members covering 7 states. Very cool! In addition, I now have a sibling on The Team... and all I had to do was Guilt-By-Text! (Love you, Heidi!! And no pressure to the scads of other siblings who have not gotten on board as of yet. I know how to text you, too. It's coming....)

So, a few of my Teammates have said "don't send me the money". I completely appreciate that idea. It is kind and generous and probably what I would say, too. 


Here's the thing: I'm going to send it to you anyway. I'm not sending it to you for you. Obviously for you, $5 is not a big deal. I'm sending it to you for ME. It's part of what makes this project important to me. I'm not a person who can generally sit down and write a $200 check to my favorite charity. In fact, I'm not sure I have ever given that much all at once to any non-profit. As a pledge over time, sure, but not at all once. So, when I make my trip to the bank, write a check and ask the teller to give me the funds in five dollar bills, that's going to be kind of a big deal to me. Maybe it shouldn't be. PROBABLY it shouldn't be. But, there ya go. That's my reality. 

Remember, you can do with that $5 what you think is best... Some ideas are here on my website. Off the top of my head, here are some more:
  •  Add it to the annual donation you always make to make to Habitat for Humanity or Heifer International or the Hay for Hares Foundation (one of those might be made up... Non-H charities are acceptable, too.)
  •  Add an extra $5 to Dunkin Donuts gift card you planned to get for the hard-working-but-under-appreciated custodian at your office. 
  • Toss it unceremoniously (or ceremoniously, if that's your style) in the plate at church. 
  • Give it to a school nurse to go toward hygiene products kids my need but not have.
It's up to you. But, and I'm sorry, you ARE getting my money. (But if it makes you feel any better, you can call it my husband's money. S'all the same pile anyway!) And I hope you will email me and share your experience so I can pass it on to your Teammates and anyone else who cares to read this blog! 

Are you still flummoxed? Befuddled? Flat out puzzled by what I am up to? I think a lot of your questions can be answered on my website but if perusing there does not help, please send me an email and lay it on me. Despite my tendency to not talk too good, I want to be clear when it comes to this! 

Finally, there's this...

I'm not a huge sports fan, but I have to admit after the Boston Marathon bombings this year, having the Red Sox win the series was very sweet. And I happened to catch the moment in the parade yesterday when the Duck Boats hit the Boston finish line. The singing of "God Bless America" as the Red Sox guys gave over the Boston Strong jerseys... Gah! Tears and joy and sadness. Maybe haters "gotta" hate, but it's Only a Game, so I can't imagine why.

That is all.

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