Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pay It 40ward: The Plot Thickens

If you are not up to speed on my latest cockamamie scheme, check out the first and second blog posts I wrote on the matter. If you are up to speed, carry on:

I have been working the last couple of days trying to get more details set in my mind on this plan. I am in the midst of creating a website for Pay It 40ward. I am definitely not a graphic artist so please set your expectations at about a 3.4 (on a scale of 100!) for how fancy it will be. I do think it will be a useful place for me to post all of the details, ideas, Q&As, training updates, etc. I also plan to keep track of how many people have taken me up on the plan. Their stories of Paying It 40ward will be featured there, too.

(You may notice that I have changed the name of the event from Pay It For(ty)ward to Pay It 40ward. Extensive research (read: I asked two of my sisters) showed that 40ward was the preferred spelling.)

So far I have eight participants lined up. They are:

Kathleen, Center Harbor, NH
Megan, Rochester, NH
Kerry, VT
Bethany, Philadelphia
Hope, Candor, NY
Richard, Candor, NY (methinks old Ricky didn't get a vote... Mom may have just signed him up!)
Sandra, Milford, NH
Catherine, Kenosha, WI

I've also got a few bad ass runners lined up to join me for part of the journey. More on those angels in another post. 

I will bite the bullet and officially launch the website soon. In the meantime, remember to email me at if you want to take part in the adventure.
Shout out to my 11-year-old niece, Annie, who rocked her first race last night. She ran a mile in 8:11. Wonder if her mom wants to make the trillion hour drive to NH so Annie can run a mile with me in March?

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