Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Next Big Thing: Teaser Post

After each of the five marathons I have run, I've gotten a little stuck. There's a definitely let down after the big event has passed. Even when a runner meets or exceeds a goal, I think most would agree that it's a very real phenomenon to be a titch depressed after a race. After my third marathon I was so stuck that my Facebook password was "what'snext?" for almost six months.

Ready for The Next Big  Ultra Thing?!
It's the same feeling I often experience after being in a play or musical. A fantastic experience into which you have put an incredible amount of energy and time, heart and soul... and then it's over. A deflated balloon. Theater people everywhere can vouch for me on this.

If you're not a runner or a theater person, you surely can relate from some other aspect of your life: the big work project is over, the amazing wedding day has passed, graduation has come and gone. And here you are, a big success, looking around saying, "Uuuuuhhhhh, now what?!"

Two weeks post-marathon, I have come up with a smidgen of a plan as to "what's next" for me. (Beware of long, hot showers. That's where this idea was sparked and methinks now that I've put it into motion it's going to require a GREAT deal from me. 'S all good, though.)

I still need to put together a coherent write up/strategy to achieve my goal,  but for now here are five things that my Next Big Thing involves:

1. You
2. Me
3. Good deeds
4. March 15/16, 2014
5. Many miles

Intrigued? Hope so! More information will be forthcoming soon. I hope many of you will join me, virtually or in real life, on this little mid-life crisis project!

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