Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Micro Blog... DUH!

It's 7:45 and Gabe is in bed. I've already checked in with the boys in Florida (they had a great day). There's nothing amusing on television, I'm avoiding cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and, well, once again I have no excuse not to blog.

But I have been spending so much time thinking Twitter-style that most of my insights are posted there, in their 140 character glory. What could I say on here that's more interesting. Nothin'. 

Then it occurred to me: DUH! Twitter is a MICRO-blog. (Irony of all caps/large font intended.) So, I will only be violating my own copyright if I repost here. 

So, here ya go, Blogger pals. The *best of my Tweets for the last few little whiles.

(*The term best is relative, of course.)

1. A good test to find if one is mentally competent would be if they are fully content to go to sleep for the night w a pantful of poo.

2. P.S. 10-mo-olds could get away w aaaannnnything. 

3. If ur wondering what to get my 10-mo-old for his 1st bday, his current favs are filthy toilet, hot stove & flight of stairs. 

5. Nature abhors a vacuum; baby abhors objects not strewn across the living room floor.  

6. Drinking big cup of irony this a.m. Big boys & DH off to Orlando. Baby & I battling snowstorm on return from airport.

P.S. As I sit here finishing this blog I am watching "Makers:Women Who Make America" on PBS and they just finished the bit on Katherine Switzer and the Boston Marathon. Goosebumps. Amazing. Go girls!

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