Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family Photos: Truth revealed!

Sunday was a great day at our church. The Bishop of New Hampshire - one of the Top People of this or any other world, in my humble opinion - was present to confirm 10 young people. I admire Gene Robinson for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that his presence (and the fact that he's retiring and was making his final visit to our church) convinced my husband to come to church. The Bishop earned even more points because the moment we walked in, he beelined over to inspect/admire Gabriel. As I knew he would, he also spoke humbly, humorously, and with great heart. His message was about what Evangelism means for Episcopalians.

(To sum up: it scares the crap out of us, we don't want to do it, and that's because we equate it with people telling us we're going to Hell. His point was that we ought to be so joyful in our lives that people want to know what makes us happy. THEN we can share how our church life/walk with God/what have you has helped us find that joy. In this form of evangelism, there's no "You're Going to Hell Unless You Do It Our Way", just a "Come and See". So cool.)

Anyway, one of my church friends - Phil - is a great photographer and always captures events such as these beautifully. He offered to take a family photo of all five Giesslers - the only one we have now was taken an hour or so after Gabriel was born. Since in this instance my hair was somewhat combed, I was wearing actually clothes, and I was not pondering the state of my episiotomy.... I said, "YES, PLEASE!"

The first photo is quite lovely. We are all behaving ourselves and look pretty good....

I only wish we'd ALL worn orange! Totally on accident for the big boys.

Here's what Phil said about photo number 2: ".... the second photo captures the weary feeling of a mother with a new baby and two young boys!" Yes. Yes. Yes it does.

I should have a caption contest. What do YOU think I was thinking? I don't remember!

And don't take photo #2 as a reflection of how I felt about the Bishop's sermon! If you ever have the opportunity to meet or even just hear Gene Robinson speak, you will be so glad you did.

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  1. Dear Pheebs, No doubt about it, Gene is just awesome. Made my day when he came immediately over when he saw me, called me by name, and gave me a big hug. And I was most impressed by the sermon too - just like Gene, it was approachable and made something scary into good sense. My Dad was up from New Jersey for the service; he says Gene is highly respected "down there" as well. And yes, it was impressive for us who know you guys to see Mr. Giessler there with you. Great photo op; good job, Phil. Regarding photo 2 - maybe we should just call you Shepherdess Giessler - "do I have all the children I'm supposed to around me? Wait - 1,2,3,4, right, that's all I brought with me today." :-)