Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Totally on Purpose: Too much belly business

So, I sit here with a one-day old person inside of me. I cannot believe how susceptible I was to thinking that this kid was going to be early. "Everyone" I know has been telling me about their kids coming 2 or 3 weeks early. That and the idea of full term being anything past 37 weeks sucked me in. I know there's no way to know when a kid is going to decide "it's time"... but I convinced myself this was going to happen early.

Monday night and Tuesday were pure hell. I have been having pretty steady Braxton Hicks contractions right along for a few months. They have really kicked it up a notch in the last couple of weeks. (You'll recall that last Wednesday they were so convincing and regular that we went into the hospital). On Monday night at about bedtime I was having a different kind of contraction that made me feel nauseous. Instead of in my lower abdomen they were up high and coming every couple of minutes. I couldn't get comfortable and I really really really SOOOO wanted to barf. I was horrified that this was going to be labor for me and I would go through this for 10 or 12 hours.... normal birthing pains are bad enough but the urge to purge makes me completely lose my ability to think and behave rationally.

Scott got a hold of the on call midwife at a little after 10PM. I explained what I was feeling, my concerns about living so far from the hospital, my earlier trip to the hospital last week, being 2 - 3 cm dilated.... I knew right away that she was doubting I was in labor, especially when I told her about the french fries that I had for dinner. (They were SO good but the smell of the cooking oil lingered in the house and it was making my stomach even more agitated). She recommended I take a bath, take some Tums, some Benedryl... see if I could get comfortable and not to worry, "if it's really labor they won't go away."

So, I got myself in the tub, Scott managed to track down Tums from Gungah (sorry to bother you, Gungah!), and got out the Benedryl for me. I did not, though, take the Benedryl. I didn't quite understand the purpose of it, other than to get me to go to sleep, and it makes me sooooo dopey. All I needed was to add dopiness to my already out-of-body-out-of-control feelings. Right. No, thanks!

Scott was in a no-win situation, of course, as is often the case for the Daddio in this scenario. He wanted to help. I wanted him to help. I had no idea what he could do. DON'T touch me. But DON'T go to sleep. DON'T talk to me. But DON'T go to sleep! DON'T ask me what I want... I have no idea. Poor guy had to go to work the next morning, too.

I made it through the night with on and off sleep and lots of trips to the bathroom. The cramps/contractions/barfy feelings persisted on and off. On Tuesday morning I was completely wiped out. I probably got off of the couch 5 times (only to pee) from 7:45 until 4:00. And then I went to my bed and slept there. Mom brought me ginger ale and tea and anything else she could think of that might assist the recovery. Her biggest concern was that I was not consuming any calories and I would not be able to get this kid out if the time arose. I managed a piece of toast with a sliver of peanut butter on it for lunch. At dinner time, I managed to come to the table and drink some veggie broth and be slightly better for the rest of the evening.

My term for the entire day yesterday (including last night when things were better but still not quite right) was that there was "a lot of business going on" in my belly. Kind of disconcerting to have so much action from so many sources: TOP and his already ADHD bounciness, Braxton Hicks, regular contractions, and exquisite cramps from your normal everyday upset stomach. How's a gal supposed keep track of which is which and what to worry about???

I am very glad to report that I slept fairly well and feel completely better today. Oh, except for this 7 - 8 pound free loader, of course. This morning I ate toast and raisin bran (lost 2 pounds yesterday despite Gungah's best efforts!). I cleaned the kitchen (even mopped!), vacuumed and dusted the living room and dining room.... I felt very bad that Gungah was the Mama to the boys yesterday so I am trying to make up for it today. She'll be on her own with them for real... SOME day!

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