Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heartbreak Hill!

The finish line is not quite in sight, but I'm thinking I've reached Heartbreak Hill. Here's where we are Baby TOP-wise.

Midwife appointment today. She was FAR more sympathetic to my desire to get the kid out than I thought she might be. I expected, "Well, we have to be patient with him. He'll come when he's ready." But what I got was, "I cannot BELIEVE that you're still pregnant!!"

She, of course, was up-to-date with my uterine events of the last week or so and had assumed we would be squeezing TOP in our arms by now. She immediately offered to swipe my membranes and see if she could stretch my cervix a little. (Very pleasant sound, eh?) I said, "yes" of course. (And it wasn't that bad... not a party, but certainly not labor-equivalent!)

She said I was starting at about 2cm but she got me to 3 and that I was 50% effaced. And, as I knew already, baby's head was way, way waaaaay down. (Yeah. I know!)

In addition, she scheduled me for inducement on Monday. Her opinion is that I won't need any pitocin or other drugs: they can break my water and I'll just go. Her opinion, however, is that I'm going to have him on Saturday.

When she swiped me before Elliott was born I was in labor within 24 hour.... So, I'm feeling like a won't make it to Monday. Much as I'd love to have him on Patriot's Day (Marathon Monday, the same Monday Tommy was born....) I would be MOOOORREEE than happy to have it before.

Scott needs his computer back. I'm going to post this super quick. LOTS on our calendar in the next couple of weeks which makes all of this really really interesting.... More latteeerrrrr.....

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