Friday, March 9, 2012

Vital Insight

I've had enough going on to post a couple of blogs a day, I'd say, but as these things go, the more you've got to say, the less time there is to say it. I can't go another moment, though without sharing this insight that came to me while we were at Disney's Hollywood Studios last week. If you've ever been, you probably went to see the Muppets 3-D show. I've seen it lots of times and it is pretty delightful and amusing, even after all these exposures.

My insight was with the character Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, the scientist. I'm watching the show, Bunsen shows up and WHAM! Like a flash of 38-years-of-the-obvious....

Bunsen Honeydew is so named because  
HIS HEAD IS SHAPED LIKE (and the color of) A MELON!!

I felt like such an idiot for never making that connection before. (I mean, I'm not a rabid fan but Muppets have been in my life as long as ANYONE and ANYTHING!) You can imagine my relief when I pointed this out to Scott (embarrassed by my own lack of observation earlier) and he said, "Huh, I guess you're right. I never put that together either."

So... is it just the clueless Giesslers or did you never notice the Melon on Bunsen Honeydew either?


  1. and Beaker's head is, wait for it... It's shaped like... a Beaker. With fire coming out of it.

  2. holy crap, I didn't realize that either :) The muppets will never look the same again...

  3. I guess it was better than just calling him Melon Head. I never realized it either!