Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Kitchen Sink

I don't think I qualify for a special license plate. I don't think there will be a benefit dinner in my honor. And I don't think there will be ribbons of any color in solidarity to what ails me. But I am suffering from a devastating disability: Idontknowwheretostart-itis.

Idontknowwheretostart-itis is pervasive in all areas of my life, but I'm just going to stick with how it's affecting my blogging. Ya see, I have to get something down. My brain is FULL and I don't know where.... well, you know. It's in the name of the disease!

So, instead of making a list and hitting each topic one at a time, I bring you a kitchen sink post in hopes that I will feel re-booted and somewhat caught up. Fasten your seat belts.

I want to do a Totally on Purpose post for Baby TOP: 
33 weeks! Still no name decided on. Brothers getting very excited. Dad saying, quite possibly, the sweetest thing ever about the wonder that is Baby TOP. (This gem I WILL save for a real post to Baby TOP). Fetal hiccups. Gathering used baby items from generous friends.....

I want to do a book review and recommendation:
Actually, I want to do THREE: Saving Jesus From the Church (just started it but I can already tell I love what this author is putting down; definitely not for those who like their Bible lessons literally interpreted); Bringing Up Bebe (this book has gotten so much flack, but I'm thinking I might be a little bit French in my parenting - I mostly dig it); and The Explosive Child (I need to review it one more time before I offer my wise take away).

I want to share more insights/concerns/hopeful-ness-es about my eldest:
But I won't. Not until I'm sure that it's fair to him. Except this flash of brilliance I had this afternoon while talking to T's teacher. I think we all have a Tupperware container in us. Some of us store the good stuff in there. And, when we're feeling down, we can lift the lid and bring some of the good stuff up that reminds us that mostly, life is pretty good. Some of us store the bad stuff in there. And, when we're feeling down, we lift the lid and bring out all the injustices and disappointments which serve to remind us that this isn't the first time we've been wronged. And it won't be the last.... cue the rage! Now, how might a person replace the Bad Stuff Tupperware with the Good Stuff variety?.... Anyone?.... Bueller?

I want to do a "Running While Pregnant" post:
It would lament about my formerly dear friends, Mo and Jo, and how I haven't seen hide nor hair of them in eons. And how, at this point, I'm beginning to not care... and how I know this is bad, bad, bad and yet.... still? Not caring. Maybe a week in Florida will help me regain some mojo-tivation.

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  1. The kitchen sink? Really, Phoebe? I was very afraid that you were going to blog on Fly Lady's cleaning of the kitchen sink. Very afraid. For you that would be certifiable....:):)

    It's all about the toolbox, or the tupperware, or whateveryouwanttocallit. A friend reminded me this week that God gave everyone their own giftings. It is how we look at the gift that is the problem sometimes. I don't think I explained that very well. I'll work on it.