Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Things Friday: Feedback Edition

1. Michael Pritchard visited our school district this week. Children in grades 2 - 12 had a chance to see him speak. He is a former probation officer, a stand up comedian and (now) a counselor. Tommy reported that he was hilarious. ("He does voices! And car noises!!") He also reported that he understood that some of the stuff Pritchard spoke about had to do with him. He's agreed he doesn't need to "blow out another person's candle" for his to be lit.

Wednesday night there was a chance for community members/parents to see him. He was really fantastic. I think he understands (more than many) that kids who hurt other kids are themselves hurt. Needless to say, Queen Hormone cried at least 5 separate times during the presentation. If you ever have a chance to see/hear him, I highly recommend it.

Who's the most inspiring speaker you've ever heard? Did the experience it change you for a few minutes? Days? Or forever?
This photo is clearly from a previous decade!
2. Lots of people are looking forward to a long weekend, but no Presidents' Day Holiday around here on Monday. Can't complain, of course, as our vacation is the following week and we'll be visiting my in-laws in Florida. Even though it's been a mild winter, it will still feel really good to get out in the sunshine with merely one layer of clothing on!

They live in a golf cart community not too far from Orlando called The Villages. Click on the link and the theme song alone will provide you with a chuckle. I've learned that everybody knows somebody who lives in The Villages!  

Who do you know that lives in The Villages?

3.  Both boys have opted out of the theater program they did this fall (one they both LOVED, by the way) and I am feeling compelled to insist they choose SOMETHING to participate in for the spring. Elliott has agreed to try instructional level baseball (shudder... I don't see that going well!)  but Tommy has yet to choose an outlet. 

Do you insist that your kids participate in some kind of extra curricular activity? (Those of you who have kids that want to do EVERYTHING, please keep it to yourselves. I can't handle hearing about how much more interesting/interested your kids are than mine. Sorry. This Mom is not prepared for feeling any more inept than she already is. Just a simple, "Yes, I would insist they choose something" or "No, they shouldn't be forced into something, it will only cause arguments" is what I'm looking for. Thanks!)

4. What's the deal with bananas? Why can we never buy the right number? This week, a huge surplus. So many that I can't even think about banana bread or muffins because it's just THAT overwhelming. Next week, we will be out by Tuesday morning. I understand this is a dumb "First World Problem" but it does baffle me.  

What do you always miscalculate at the grocery store?

5. I went for a long walk on Tuesday and felt like a total rock star. Musta injured myself patting my own back because my sacrum has been killing me for the rest of the week. When will I learn?

When's the last time you overestimated your physical capabilities? To what end?


  1. Phoebe:
    Just to get things started:
    1) Maya Angelou - in college. Huge fan. HUGE.
    2) No one. But it sounds like I should make friends there!
    3) I can't say for sure yet (being as my kids are pretty little), but I think I would be a "yes" - so that I can maintain my own sanity. That said, it could be anything - even ant farming would suffice so long as they had an interest that could cultivate them doing more than sitting on a couch and watching TV. I wouldn't consider that acceptable. Currently, Kaetlyn's is music - Mr. Doug on Wednesdays and the hokey pokey at home as much as she can. Grace? Hers is probably marathon pooping right now. What can I say? The kid has Ward genes!
    4) Milk. Hands down. It's either 1/2 gal or 2 a week. And I would like to point out that I am the only one who drinks this in our house. Everyone else is on soy due to allergies!
    5) Last week. I wanted to prove a point that I was as young as I once was. Cartwheel into a split in the back yard. The Cartwheel was successful...the splits? Let's just say my hamstrings are still recovering.
    Love you, Phoebs! Have a great weekend :) xo

    1. Kelly Ward Spivey... you ROCK! Thanks for taking my "quiz"!!

    2. 1. Sarah Weddington: "Roe's" lawyer in Roe v Wade

      2. your in-laws

      3. yes... they must do SOMETHING.

      4. friggin' bananas

      5. this play is physically kicking my ass


  2. Phoebe - First of all, Isaac would choose nothing if I didn't insist. I know he's only 3 and trust me, I am never going to be an over-extended parent and it's not likely that Isaac would create that himself. But I think even now it's important for him to have one thing. So we have swim class every week. So the short answer (of which I'm incapable) - yes, I agree kids should have one thing that they do.

    Second - the bananas - have you ever frozen them? I learned that you could do that and then just thaw (either in water or the micro) when you want to use. It's made me so much less paranoid about banana purchasing. When you thaw them, they are total mush, making the whole baking thing easier, anyway.

    I have been completely overextending myself while being really, really sick over this past week and I am paying the price big time...

    I was actually just thinking about you an hour ago as I was putting the ingredients in my bread machine... I really respect and admire your blog and your willingness to be so genuine about your life. I think you must be a wonderful mom...