Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Am Idiot, and So Can You (part 2)

This one will be shorter than yesterday's. I promise!

Got snow shoes for Christmas. Very excited! Even more excited when we finally got some snow so I could try them out. Went out for the 2nd (or 3rd?) time on Saturday with Scott & the boys. They went sledding while I slogged around the field in hopes of feeling the burn.

Things were feeling good. Just a teeny problem with my old boots. I acquired them at a coat/winter gear exchange for the hefty price of $0.00. They fit great. They also have a smidgen of plastic that sticks out on the right heel. Not a problem normally because we are not talking about high mileage footwear.

Heel started to hurt after about 10 minutes. Started to really bug me after 15. I limped back to the car after 30, muttering self-derogatory phrases like "wuss" and "lazy".

Got home and stripped my boots and (2 pairs of) socks off to find:

While feeling like an idiot, I was actually gratified to discover this Red Badge of Courage Stupidity. Note: this was the outside pair of socks.
I took this the next evening. It looks more friendly than it feels.
So. Yeah. I sort of earned that hurt. The worst part is that the last few days it hasn't felt like a simple blister or raw skin. It's felt like someone with anger management issues took a hammer to the back of my foot. Once again, sidelined from decent exercise based on my inability to utilize proper footwear. Duh.

Maybe my next pair of boots should be new? Nahhhhh.... I'm sure I can find something with only a few design flaws at the consignment shop!

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