Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am Idiot, and So Can You.* (Part 1)

*Title idea blatantly stolen from Stephen Colbert's "I am America, and So Can You."

Sometimes I amaze even myself with the ways in which I can foul things up. Or foul myself up.

Friday morning, for example, my unconscious mind decided would be a good time to do some serious damage to a major appliance in our household. The forecast called for 1 - 3 inches of snow overnight Thursday. I assumed we'd see an inch since everyone knows meteorologists like to exaggerate... especially since it's been a fairly boring winter here so far. We awoke to the usual darkness on Friday morning at about 5:45. A quick click of the TV showed us that there were a few school delays but nothing near us. Message? Proceed as usual.

At about 6:30 I was in the kitchen and decided to turn on the outside light to get a look at how miniscule the snow fall was. Oh, dear. We had about 6 inches of snow. Granted, that's not a ton. But, that's more than can be ignored given that I had daycare families on their way to drop off bambinos. So, we scrambled. Scott agreed to deal with cleaning out and starting up the pellet stove before he left for school. He also said he'd start the snow blower for me and I promised him that the snow was so fluffy and light that I would not be doing any damage to my "delicate condition". It would be about as taxing as vacuuming. No prob, Bob.

Come to find out, it was quite a skating rink underneath the snow and I was slippin' and slidin' like crazy. Then I remembered that a couple of days earlier I had put out some throw rugs on the driveway to help assist folks getting in and out of the house without breaking a hip or other vital body part. (Important note: I REMEMBERED but I didn't DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.) I lumbered gingerly back in the house to put on my trusty Yak Trax and was back at being a Badass Snow Blower in no time.

Until this happened:
Hey, kids! Get "Hungry, Hungry Snow Blower"! New from Mattel!

Yup. Them thar throw rugs was still on the driveway. DUUUUHHHH. So, in case you missed the math: snow blower + throw rug = truly fouled up snow blower.

We haven't tried to fix it yet. Goodness knows if it's going to be a DIY mend or if we will need to call in the Big Guns. Thank goodness this is New Hampshire in January so we surely won't have need for our snow blower anytime soon. Gaaahhhh!

(The intent was to make this a super short post since yesterday's was so long. Sorry about that. I have at least one more Idiot story to share, but it will keep until tomorrow!)

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  1. I'm not completely certain, but I think you and I share some of the same DNA!!!! That is such a Julie kind of move/happening! That being said..."Yes, I Can!!!"