Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Running While Pregnant: Week 23

This is going to be very brief. Full blown craziness here this week with A Christmas Story this weekend.

Yesterday I got in the pool for PT. I was SO excited at the prospect and, come to find out, my excitement was not misplaced. The pool is about 93-degrees and salt water. The immediate "aaahhhhhh" I felt just walking into the pool was fantastic. Barb, the PT, put weights on my feet, resistance "bars" in my hands (I have no idea what they are really called...) a float around my waist and literally tethered me to a bar on the wall of the pool. I commenced to "running" for about 10 minutes.After that I did about 10 minutes of a cross country ski move untethered. Then I took off the float and got rid of the hand resistance thingies so I could straddle a noodle (I'm sure it sounds as sexy as it was...) and "run" for another 10 minutes or so.

I have 2 more appointments and after that I will be "independent", meaning I can use the pool whenever I want, as long as there is at least 1 other person in there. (Safety first). I thought I was going to be "independent" after yesterday's session so I'm a little disappointed, but honestly there's no way I would  be getting my booty to the pool this week anyway.

You won't be shocked to learn that all of my fellow pool-mates were of the Silver Set. And there were SOOO many of them. Literally about 15 senior citizens. I overheard so many great conversations (social security, grandchildren visiting for Christmas, etc.) but I have to say my favorite was between two women who were debating "Merry Christmas" v. "Happy Holidays". The woman in favor of "Happy Holidays" goes to my church and she ended the conversations with, "When I have company I have Happy Holiday coffee mugs for people like me and I have Merry Christmas mugs for people like you." It made me grin.

I was tired ALL DAY after this 7AM appointment. I think the tiredness stems partly from the 1st real cardio I've been able to achieve is a couple of weeks and partly from the schedule we are keeping. (Read: late nights, early mornings, chaotic days). Today my sacrum hurts again. It can't be from the pool and it certainly isn't from any form of deliberate exercise I'm doing outside the pool. Maybe, maybe this baby will move soon and I'll be cured. But, as for running shoes, I'm afraid I might be at the point where I have to say "see you in April".

Children are done with snack and needing diversion. Phoebe out.

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