Monday, December 12, 2011

Marvy Mom Monday: More Holiday Traditions

In last week's Marvy Mom post I shared a few holiday traditions my family enjoys. I asked readers to let me know what traditions you love (or tolerate!) to make this time of year special for your kids and you. The "bad" news? Even though I know ALLLLL of you have fantastic holiday traditions to share, only four of you did.The GOOD news: The four who shared get to have their gorgeous faces and complete ideas shared with my, ummm, dozens of readers. It's an honor beyond your wildest hopes, I  know!

Dede Hildreth, Marvy Mom to Thomas & Annie, said:
A Marvy Mom Holiday Tradition (started by MY marvy mom) get to open ONE present on Christmas Eve. It's ALWAYS a book. It ALWAYS results in small children readin quietly. It's Christmas MIRACLE!!

Kelly Ward Spivey of the blog Kaetlyn's Korner and Grace's Place (and also one of the original Marvy Moms I featured) said: 

This is not such a Marvy Mom thing, more like a Dynamic Dad thing...every year, my Father, in the tradition of his Father before him, writes a letter to us. The letter is usually filled with good advice, poignant thoughts, challenges to go forth and make the world a better place, etc. Last year, I wrote one for Kaetlyn and intend to do this going forward for my girls. We always look forward to these letters and it's great to go back and review them as part of life's lessons from dear old Dad as you get older. (A few years ago, my Dad decided we were adults and didn't need the letters anymore...we staged a revolt and the letters have been forthcoming since!) Similar to your Santa letters, a fantastic tradition! Oh! And reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve. A must-do. Just sayin'! :) xo

Marvy Mom to Shelby & Phoebe (great name, huh?) Kimberly Atkins Swartz said:  

We always opened one present on Christmas is always pjs so we don't look like ragamuffins in all of the Christmas morning pictures by the tree!

Dana of the blog Running Commentary said:
I LOVE the jar idea...too bad my kids are now 17 and 19!! We always get all the Christmas decorations out, play cheesy Christmas music while we put them all up and decorate the tree. We make hot coco, turn off all the lights, plug in the tree and admire our work. For some reason my kids LOVE this "event". We also make some cheesy ornament every year the first day of Christmas break. I also give them PJs every year which is the only present they are allowed to open on Christmas Eve (even though they know what they are getting, they love it!). I've learned one very important thing over the years--kids LOVE tradition and the first time you try to skip it there will be mutiny!
If it is your lifelong dream to be featured on my blog (and how can it NOT be?) send me your ideas and you'll be a Marvy Mom (or Dynamic Dad or Awesome Aunt or Caring Cousin or Fantastic Friend) is next week's post. "Don't miss out!"

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  1. Good idea for a post! We're in the stage of creating family traditions, so I love hearing what other people do... definitely hoping to create simpler holidays than what I grew up with.