Monday, December 19, 2011

Marvy Mom Monday: Mediocre Edition

I FINALLY wrote up my boys' "Year in Review" to go in their Christmas Jars. It's funny to have them help me come up with ideas because they have short memories and don't want to include stuff they enjoyed doing or events that happened at the beginning of the year, since that was SOOO long ago!

So, to conclude the Marvy Mom Holiday Ideas for this year, here are this year's write ups. Mediocre at best... but DONE! And 'round here lately, DONE is worth a lot.

This is the photo we used on T's jar. It's in the waiting room just before we found out #3 was a boy.

Date: December 2011

Name: Thomas Eric Giessler

Nickname: Tommy, T-bone
Age: 7 years, 8 months
Favorite things to do or play: Angry Birds,on Dad's school iPad (Waiting to download Angry Birds Rio “unfree”); Legos; Chess; Wii games (Wii Udraw, Lego Star Wars, Wii Sports)
Favorite books: The Secrets of Droon; Magic Tree House series (Dinosaurs Before Dark); Roscoe Riley. (Reading chapter books this year!)
Friends: Carter Houston, Cameron DeVito, Camden Orskachowski (sp?); Cole Finneron, Gage Langlois
Least favorite things to do: Pick up Ceanna from Kindergarten (she moved into Carter's old house across the street; T has decided it was HER fault his friend moved); play with E.A.
Favorite foods: Whoopie pies, pizza, Annie's mac & cheese, vanilla ice cream
Favorite movies/TV shows: The Muppets, iCarly, Angry Birds videos, Drake & Josh (We got Netflix this year....)
Big events this year: “Michael” in Village Players “A Chistmas Story”, went to William Lawrence Camp as a real camper for 2 weeks, in Kingswood Children's Summer Theatre production of “Camp Rock”, Disney World (Animal Kingdom Lodge) in February with G.G., Poppa, Uncle Todd, Jack & Ryan.
In a nutshell: He says, “Serious... I have no idea.” Curious, likes a routine, great, unique language, loves to be the comedian in school, MUCH improved handwriting/fine motor, holds a bit of grudge which pushes Mom's buttons! 

Mr. Personality, also at the doctor's office.
Date: December 2011

Name: Elliott Robinson Giessler

Nickname: Elliott, E-Train, El, E
Age: 5 1/2 years
Favorite things to do or play: Angry Birds on Daddy's iPad, baseball, Wii (Netflix shows, Udraw, Wii Sports), act in plays, play with new toys, go to Kindergarten
Favorite books: Clifford, Caillou, Star Wars, Cars II books
Friends: Landon, Isabella, Mommy(!), Daddy, George
Least favorite things to do: pick up the toy room, “do projects... well, I like some projects but other ones I don't like that much.”
Favorite foods: Whoopie pies, mac & cheese, broccoli, carrots, corn, oatmeal (especially with chocolate chips in it!), chocolate ice cream.
Big events this year: Started Kindergarten and LOVES it! Played Randy in A Christmas Story (to rave reviews!), Disney World (Animal Kingdom Lodge) in February, swim lessons, trip to NYS with Mom while Tommy was at camp.
In a nutshell: Purely edible and sweet; STOLE the show in A Christmas Story; small in stature but the vocabulary of an 80 year old!


  1. Oh I love these. Gonna have to try to do this with my girls. I love that T has a million friends whose names begin with a "C" ... there's definitely a theme there! Between that and Whoopie pies. I mean, who doesn't like a good Whoopie pie?! :) xo

  2. So where does Elliott's Robinson come from? Griffin's is from his grandpy and great-grandpa (who was born in Wolfeboro, BTW) :-)

  3. My maternal Grandmother's maiden name was Robinson... But they are from New York State - near Binghamton. :) I love his middle name. I think it makes him sound Presidential... but in a GOOD way! ;)

  4. It does add a bit of dignity doesn't it....too bad he's such a goof ball (mine that is!!)...I'm just waiting to use it when he's really pushing something.