Friday, December 16, 2011

Four Things Friday: Theater Notes

Crazy day... but here are some copied email/Facebook messages regarding A Christmas Story that will give you a flavor for what we're up to. And yeah. It's just four today. You understand...

1. FB Wall Post from another theater mom regarding Elliott as the little brother, Randy. 

Stole every single scene and he loved doing it. Even gave himself a few extra lines. Get that kid an agent. I think he should get a solo bow. He's gonna bring down that house. 
And my response:  
Thank you, Bobbi. I'm glad you found him charming. We're so anxious about the line between adorable and obnoxious! He's been given strict instructions NOT to add lines that aren't there and when we asked him if he knew why he knew: 'It's disrespectful to the other actors.' I love that he loves it and has a proclivity for it... but there are so many places where it could just turn into Spoiled Brat...! (Don't I have a great way of turning something wonderful into another opportunity to stress about my parenting skills? It's a gift!!)
2. My response to a "heard dress rehearsal went well last night" from one of our directors who couldn't be there. (It helps to be familiar with the show "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" which features the song "Hard Candy Christmas" and some, ahem, eager Aggie Boys... and if you're not, you can imagine how very inappropriate said show would be with a cast full of kids):
It was fine & dandy. (We worked in Hard Candy Christmas)... You're going to love the Aggie Boys scene!
 3. My reponse to the director's inquiry on whether a cast pot luck was a good idea for Sunday evening:
We will gladly help take care of props and costumes but we aren't going to be able to make it to an after party if there is one. I can already predict the mental and physical state the boys will be in after Sunday's performance and I know it will call for "Go Directly To Bed, Do Not Collect $200, Do Not Attend Cast Party".... I know it's a great VP tradition but in this instance I think we need to skip it.
 4. My FB status update (and related responses) last night after a long day of hauling 2 babies (one in utero and one 7 months old) around to several stops:
I may still be in the second trimester but my sacrum is easily in the fifth or sixth. Ouch.
    • Ouch!

    •  but the final result will be worth it!!!

    •  Whats the sacrum?
    • Yeah what Justin said...
    • It sounds kinda religious!

    • Bummer (pun not necessarily intended)!! Have you been to the chiropractor? My lower back was really giving me trouble in the first trimester and a couple of trips to the chiro helped tremendously!

    •  Ahhh the back...i thought it was a nono place
    • HA HA! Right now it's a no-no place,especially hauling kids around... but it's really the back/top of your hip bone.
    • many trimesters are there... ;)

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