Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What? You don't have a Jag in your garage?

On Tuesday morning, after hosting Scott's cousin's husband's (is there a prize for the most possessives in a sentence?) "toys" in our garage for a few years (they moved to Germany), we said good bye to the Jaguar and Triumph. Now, I don't anything about cars. I know so little, in fact, that I had never heard of a Triumph before and many times when I talked about it I couldn't think of the name, so I'd say "You know, it's a car that has the same name as that rude dog on Conan..." It took awhile for us to get around to Triumph but we usually got there. Anyway, as I said, I don't know anything about cars but I do know that these are awwwwful purty. They are classics, I think. (That means they're kinda old but not antique, right?) They sat covered in our garage from September 2008 until Tuesday morning. Makes me think about all we've had go on in those almost-four-years and "If these cars could talk..."

The huge, unbelievable, how did we get so lucky bonus in all of this deal was that while we hosted these cars, we also "hosted" their VW Toureg. This beauuuutiful AWD SUV was a complete God send on our crummy road and in our icy/snowy/muddy/unpredictable climate. This car saved our bacon SO many times that I can't count. His cousin's family is moving back to the States and are collecting the stuff that they couldn't take with them overseas.We are hoping that on their next move they can't a practical way to pack and ship, say, their brief cases upon brief cases of hundred dollar bills and we can help them out with that, too. Fingers crossed!

Annnnyyywaaaayyyy, being the professional educator (cough) that I am, I took the day care kids outside to watch and play as they loaded the cars. Physics for two-year-olds! (Or, more accurately, "ooohhhhh, pretty cars!" "ooooohhh! big truck!" But, whatev, Bev.)

The covers were off for the first time in almost 4 years and I thought, "OOOOHHHH, they really are nice lookin' cars!"

Triumph (The Insult Dog?)

'Scuze me, Mister, but that there car's got the steerin' wheel plumb on the wrong side!

Big truck goes broom broom.

Ethan was completely captivated by the events of our morning. (Have I mentioned he is the BEST baby ever??)
The closest I got to both 2-year-olds smiling. (Do you notice one of the is a GIRL?? Such a rare sighting around here I had to look up in a field guide exactly what she was.) Oh, and that adorable fella in front? About 3 hours after this picture, TOTALLY barfed all over the place. Did.not.see.that.coming!

Hmmm... maybe the black cap shoulda made me wonder if he was burgle-ing...
Going UP!

P.S. I've neglected to do a "Running While Pregnant" post this week. Got caught up in the ultrasound and other events. There is one coming... it's just not one I'm eager to write. Hint, hint. Siiiggghhhh....

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