Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The ultrasound

Before the appointment...
It's hard to understand the end of T's statement, but he reasoned it would be a sister.

At the appointment...
We were early and waiting for Daddy.
The boys got lollipops upon entry into the hospital. Since I knew we would have a while to wait, I let them eat them right away.

My first born has rather big, beautiful eyes. Have you noticed?

Gathered round... Big beautiful eyes notably ABSENT here!
After the appointment...
 One vote for naming the baby Michael. One vote for naming the baby Fred 2. Or Fred.

Baby TOP's mouth literally never stopped moving during the ultrasound. Already preparing to out talk the competition he faces here at home. OH, BOY!

All the right number of body parts. Good heart rate. Good size. All the major organs accounted for. The Technician was a little worried the placenta was covering the cervix, but an internal ultrasound showed it was fine.

And the gender? Well, I'm not sad it's another boy. I'm not disappointed.

But if I allow myself I can just catch a glimpse of how I would be feeling if it were a girl....

And when I let myself imagine that feeling, that's when I start to feel my eyes well up a little.

For really really real.. I think I would make kind of a kick ass mom for a little girl.


  1. I didn't find out the gender with my first. With my second, I did (both boys; Boys Rule!). Before I had my appointment, a friend warned me that no matter what, no matter how happy you were, you mourn a little for the child you won't have. I found that to be true.

    I reiterate: Boys Rule! Girls Drool! Nah nah nah!

  2. We saw the little one kicking and wiggling on an ultrasound this week...possibly the most amazing experience of my life

  3. Michael Frederick. I like it!

  4. You are a kick ass mom!!!! And, well, I've got one of each...when you can share a bottle of wine....we'll chat and laugh! You look incredible and I am thankful you shared the beautiful photos of your family, sans Scott ;( but including Michael, Fred, ???