Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My family of origin is gi-normous. By association, my extended family is gi-normous times a jillion. A small fraction of us gathered at my sister Heather's house today to eat, drink and be merry. There will be a much larger gathering of family and friends at my parents house on Saturday evening (we're talking 60 or so people!) and I know I'll never capture every face at that shindig. But, today we were not too many in number so I was able to get a decent-ish shot of everyone here.

My nephew, David. Age 20. I'm thankful he's so kind to all of his cousins. He's the eldest of a LONG line behind him!

My Dad, Richard. I'm thankful he is able to observe and smile through all of the chaos we bring... and offer dry and witty commentary if you are smart enough to listen.

Scott. Totally exhausted and naseous, believe it or not. I'm thankful he was able to Lazerous his way out of bed and be part of the day.

My niece, Kate. Age 19. I'm thankful she is so scary-smart but still willing to be ridiculous with her aunts! I'm also glad she found her wallet - which had her whole life in it - and was lost today on a fun-filled romp to the playground!

My sister, Heather. The hostess (doing her best Martha Stewart). I'm thankful for her generosity, hospitality and humor, which have no bounds.

My brother-in-law's Mom. We call her Nona. I'm thankful she doesn't call 911 with all the nonsense that goes on at her house!

My brother-in-law, Ross. I'm thankful he found my sister and is the perfect Yin to her Yang, Sonny to her Cher, Felix to her Oscar....

My niece, Asia. Age 8. I'm thankful for her beautiful artistry and her willingness to ALWAYS help out.

My niece, Sophie. Age 9. I'm thankful that this TINY, premie, twin baby has become one of the funniest and kindest kids you could know.

My mom (Gungah), Hope. I'm thankful she keeps trying and believing in all of us. Not sure if it's incredible faith or untreated mental illness, but I'm thankful for it!

My niece, Tessa. Age 7. I'm thankful for her Disney-Channel-Ready kooky-ness and beyond-her-years sense of humor.

Elliott. Age 5. I'm thankful for his palpable joy and delight. Oh, and his unending supply of snuggles.

My nephew, Calvin. Age 6. I'm thankful for his incredible athleticism, which doesn't intimidate my boys but does encourage them to take small risks.

My Mystery Boy, age -20 weeks, give or take. I'm thankful for all that potential wonderfulness.

Tommy, age 7. I'm thankful for his success in school and the delight he takes in time with his cousins.

My niece, Annie. Age 9. I'm thankful for this "big" premie twin's stylish hat(!) and love of my boys.
And just for giggles... a couple of unexpected  visitors came by.
Squanto made a Wompanoag costume in Kindergarten.

Miles Standish also made a costume in Kindergarten.

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  1. Have a great Thanksgiving Phoebe!! Give my love to Scott and the kids!!