Monday, November 28, 2011

Running While Pregnant: PT-Eve

You may have noticed that it's been quite awhile since I've posted a day-by-day workout report. That's because there's been very little to report workout-wise. My back is totally revolting. Certainly running is completely out of the question for now. The last couple of days I have managed 45 minutes sessions on the elliptical and it hasn't left me totally incapacitated.... though I can feel it.

I suffered last week from a terrible stomach bug and then traveled to visit family for Thanksgiving - whereupon my husband got a horrible stomach bug. These facts made it fairly impossible to get a good work out in. This is the first time in a LOOOOONG time I've gone "home" and not had some great runs on my old stomping ground. I feel sad about it, but there is  nothing to be done. Last time I visited I ran a great 18-miler and finished feeling like a total Rock Star. I also visited my sister near Syracuse. Her neighborhood and local high school is the site of my last truly Badass Mother Speed Workout in August. This was when I was about 24 hours post "Holy Crap We're Having Another Baby". Part of me wants to go back and check out my splits but a part of me knows it would just make me weep!

True confessions: I still get a little misty-eyed thinking about how fit I was and how poised I was to PR a marathon. But as I read on someone's Facebook page the other day, "You wanna make God laugh? Make a plan." So, I'm happy that God is chuckling and I know that Baby TOP is going to be far, far sweeter than any sub-3:44:00 marathon. But, hey, deep down part of me will always long to be in a place other than the place I am (when I was certain I was done having babies, I often longed for just ONE MORE pregnancy!).

My lack of Zen is overwhelming, Grasshopper.

Back to my back... Tomorrow I have a PT appointment to see what can be done for me. I am hoping that the woman - whom I've never met - will be sort of a hard ass and basically tell me to suck it up. I am hoping she will be a runner and know the emotional toll which weighs upon a runner who cannot get out on the road. I am being even more Runner-ish than usual and plan to come to the appointment with several goals (A, B, C) to share with her:

Immediate Goals:
A. Heal back enough to return to running 30 - 60 minutes several times a week.
B. Heal enough to use the elliptical 30 - 60 minutes several times a week.
C. Heal enough to walk (or snowshoe) 30 - 60 minutes several times a week.

Post-baby Goals:
A. Run a non-PR marathon in Fall 2012 (5-months postpartum) OR complete (with NO time goal) a triathlon (Olympic distance?) Fall 2012.
B. Run a non-PR half marathon Fall 2012.
C. Run 3-4 10Ks or 5Ks Summer 2012.

I don't know what she will think of these goals. I know that the post-baby goals are DEFINITELY a plan that is already making God laugh and I can't count on it. But, a girl's gotta have a dream. And a girl can dream that Baby TOP comes into the world healthy, content to sleep through the night, and super happy to take long runs with Mom in the jog stroller!
Mere hours after learning of Baby TOP... Hungry for fitness and health!

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