Monday, November 7, 2011

Postings from FB: It amuses ME, anyway.....

If you are Facebook friends with me, you can skip this one. But sometimes I scroll back a few days on my profile page and I crack myself up. So, here is my last week in FB status updates. (I've not included the comments that followed... but some of them are priceless.) I know  many Blogs  have an affiliated FB site separate from personal ones, but I don't think I'm at that point, given me small following. If you are not an FB friend, send a request to me (Phoebe VanScoy-Giessler) and I'll say "yes" of course!
Sunday, 10/30 You never realize how much you DON'T miss something until you have to do it again. Snow pants, boots, hats, gloves (where the flip are all the gloves??), snow blowing... Looking forward to it again all being a habit we don't have to think about.
Monday, 10/31Werewolf: Tommy's costume. Wild Kratt's Creature Power Suit: Elliott's costume. Zero: The number of Halloween photos I took. (Loser Mom: apparently, MY costume).
Tuesday, 11/1 "For all the Saints, who from their labors rest..." All Saints' Day. Remember to remember all those you've loved and who've loved you.
Tuesday, 11/1 Scale of 1 - 10. How likely would they be to call Social Services if I had a glass of shiraz at the ready in the delivery room? No, wait. I'll be hot & sweaty. Better make that a well-chilled pinot grigio. "Only" 23 weeks to go but it's best to get these important issues sorted.
Tuesday, 11/1 It's one thing to forget you have a meeting. It's a whole 'nother thing when that meeting is AT YOUR HOUSE! Oh, and you're not home.... D'oh!
Wednesday, 11/2 Oh, honey, try as you might, you're no chocolate.
Thursday, 11/3 5:33AM.... Shoulda been running but then would have missed: first (feel-able) fetal movement. Cool.
Friday, 11/4 I see so many "FML"s on Facebook. I think it's a great tribute to some folks' human spirit that even with all the stress they seem to be under they want to "Find More Life". What a great attitude! (You seem puzzled. WTF? Why The Face?)
Saturday, 11/5 Blame it on hormones causing loose joints, I guess, but still don't get how a gal with this mileage and speed gets an overuse running injury. Grrrr Hello, chocolate. (Sorry, Bobbi.)
Saturday, 11/5 Hey ya'll... did you know that when you click on a link to read an article it lets everyone in your FB circle know about it? There must be a privacy setting to fix that, but in case you were about the read the Baby Bieber story - again! - you ought to know that everyone knows the trash you read! I, for one, will on be clicking on news links for the latest on nuclear physics and 18th Century Philosophers so my high class rep is not destroyed.
Sunday, 11/6 Last night, I went to the gift shop in the airport/hospital (a concept I can't believe city planners haven't made hay with) and while I was there the baby was born. It was a very easy delivery, I guess, as Scott came to let me know as I was admiring the Beanie Babies and Toblarone bars.

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