Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Things Friday: Totally Random

Characters not drawn to scale... or gender..
1. Overheard Thursday morning: "Mmmmoooooommmm, Tommy called me a tattletaaaale!" I had nothing to add to that complaint except, "Yep. I bet he did."

2. Felt Baby TOP doing a little Flip Flop on Thursday morning around 5:30. I was meant to be out on the road running but I rolled over on my belly instead to consider my options. The pressure from the bed was enough to let me feel her/him moving for the first time. It was very cool and I took it as a sign that I shouldn't go running at that hour. (A few sets of swing set circuit training and a late afternoon session on the elliptical did save me from moving all of my belongings into Lazihood.)
All that extra stuff around the baby makes me feel better about all that extra "stuff"stretching my jeans to their limit!

Can't believe he caught me! Thanks, Michael!!
3. At The Village Players we are lucky to have a very talented member who takes amazing photos of the
rehearsal process. He took a zillion photos of dress rehearsal (seriously.... it's like if you played the audio in the background you would be watching and listening to almost the whole show!) He is great about getting a fantastic variety of shots - even of those of us who have itty bitty roles. Each of us were given a disk with all the photos he took. Pretty great take away prize!

4. There's a Turkey Trot in Wolfeboro next weekend. It's a 3.2 miler (to make up for the 3.0 miler I did a few weeks ago and therefore giving me two 5Ks for the fall, I guess!). Assuming my life maintains some sort of normalcy that morning, I plan to give it a whirl. It will be interesting in a purely academic sense to see what kind of time I get as compared to my earlier effort. Janis said "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" but I think - in addition - "Freedom's just another word for running races knocked up and not worrying a twit about your pace." (Hers is easier to dance to, though.)

5. I really really really really really really really really really want some chocolate. But, so far I've been very strong. I can't trust myself yet, so as much as I want to crack open that door and pretend I'll control my urge to binge, I know I won't. Siiiggggh.....

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