Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. Scott's fall musical, Grease, opens tonight! This is the first musical he's done in the GORGEOUS new Arts Center. The publicity has been great and he has had, by FAR, more parental/community support than ever. With any luck, broken legs will be all over the place this weekend. After Sunday we will be down to juggling three shows, with A Christmas Story being the only real stress-inducer on the docket.

2. Tommy is having a sleep over tonight! We've never done the friend sleepover thing so he (and Elliott) are super excited. His buddy is a funny and friendly kid so I'm happy to have him as our inaugural sleepover buddy. I'm going to bring the boys to the show which, I theorize, will tire them out so they'll GO TO SLEEP when we get home. Here's hopin'!

3. The elementary schools in our district are closed next week for Thanksgiving so after today, a week-long vacation for us! (Scott has to work Monday & Tuesday because the high school and middle school opened late). We'll be off to my parents' on Tuesday for the rest of the week. Super cool!

4. I'm still not mentally prepared to write another Running While Pregnant post. I will say that the 5K (the one that I thought was last week!) on Saturday is no longer on my calendar. And, I have an appointment with a Physical Therapist - but not until after Thanksgiving. Is it possible to feel fitness leaving your body? Cuz I think I do... As I said to my sister on the phone last night, "I have this image of what kind of a pregnant lady I am this is not it." I'm a spandex-wearing, road-race-running (or waddling) pregnant lady. I'm NOT a  moaning-and-groaning,  wuss-bag-for-the-final-21-weeks-of-pregnancy pregnant lady.

Care to guess what my big problem is? (Ummm, no, that's not me.)

5. Remember my post yesterday about embracing my First World Problems? Number 4 today clearly reveals that I'm over that.

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