Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running While Pregnant: Week 13

Before I get to the running thing, you need to know that Kathleen had a successful surgery yesterday. The doctor was pleased with what she saw (or didn't see!) and this is VERY good news. I'll keep you posted when there's more to share!

A head cold and a wicked headache came to visit this week, but my runs (few that they've been) have felt great.

Wednesday: 4-ish very hilly miles. 42:26. The weather has been pretty warm for fall so I've been wearing capris and short sleeve running shirts most mornings. The reason I mention it is on this run I had my first shirt-popping-up-over-belly experience. I'm still not "PREGNANT-pregnant" but the navel-slip made me smile. (Not as classy as Nancy Grace's slip on her DWTS but I can't compete with that amount of, ahem, self-assurance).

Thursday: I wrote this exact quote in my running calendar: "Slug. Earache. Soar throat. Kill me." So, ummm, I didn't run on Thursday.

Friday: "Blech. Boogers. Throat."

Saturday: This was an interesting day because we were hosting my in-laws for a VERY early Thanksgiving. I planned to get out fairly early before they arrived in the morning. I didn't get out in time - they called and I started cleaning furiously. Then, Scott and the rest went out for the day and I got to take a nice, relaxing 6-miler in the mist... Which turned into a hilarious SOPPING WET final 2 miles in a monsoon. I was so happy to be out after 2 days of feeling so crappy. My speed was actually up from the last few weeks on the same route. Not that I was keeping careful track, but since I do walk breaks every 15 minutes or so, I definitely noticed I was further along when I rested than in the past.

Sunday: Rest day. (I planned to run, actually, but it was again just POURING out and I didn't think I could do 2 days in a row of the crazy weather. Saturday was funny and fun. A second day would have been asking for trouble).

Monday: 3 very hilly miles.

Tuesday: Monday night I got a world class head ache. (Maybe a migraine? I don't know...) I curled up and whimpered in my  bed by 8:00. I probably could have done the 5AM run this morning but I was too scared (read: lazy?) to try it. I'm going to shoot for 30 minutes of yoga during nap time.

Feeling victorious after 6 soaking miles on Saturday.

Does anyone else notice this kid?


  1. Ugh to feeling sick, hope you are past all that! Great job keeping up with the running and being preggers!

  2. You are my hero. There is NO WAY I could've gotten up and run during the first 20 weeks of being preggo w/ Gracie. WOW. Seriously, WOW. Love you, Phoebs! xo