Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tough Grrrrllll: Maybe Later Edition

I am on antibiotics. The side effects of which can include, ahem, active bowels. Though I am not a big fan of side effects, apparently I participate (participate?) in them. And so, no hard core workout this  morning. I'm going to see how my body adjusts today and I might be able to get in a hilly run later. Scott is spending the day with his theater kids at Camp doing a retreat to plan their year. Yes, they STILL haven't started school because of construction. I can drop the kids up there at 5PM and take a run. We'll see....

Meanwhile, my Marvy Mom from yesterday, Heidi, continues to juggle excessive amounts craziness:

1. She came home Sunday and the lice was back and just as bad as ever.
2. Her husband, Jay, had cleaned the house and mowed the lawn. (One good thing, anyway!)
3. Her mother-in-law, who was coming Monday morning to stay home with Abby, got stuck in traffic due to an accident and couldn't get there on time. Poor Abs had to spend the first part of the day home alone.
4. Jay had to report for jury duty in the morning and was *sure* he wouldn't be picked for the trial. He was wrong. (Cue Law and Order "doink-doink").
5. Jonny, her 8-year-old, woke up Monday morning complaining that his tummy and his privates hurt. Heidi had Jay look at things to be sure there was  no rash or anything. He seemed fine. Maybe Appendix-envy? Sent off to school.
6. Heidi got a call from Jonny's school nurse. He went to nurse complaining of the same thing. Okay, if your kid is willing to discuss his penis with his school nurse, there must be a real issue.
7. Talked to Heidi last night as she was driving Jonny to the doctor. He was pale and lethargic and still complaining about his belly and privates.

AND... no update since then. So, please keep that Marvy Mom in your thoughts today. I'll let you know what happens!!

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